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Almost every fresh graduate is a member of a social networking website. Because of their familiarity with technology as well as its availability, online social networking has become part of a fresh graduate’s daily activities. Through this website, they can get in touch with their past and present friends and even gain new ones.

Some even used their online connections so that they will be able to conduct business or even gain popularity and become a sensation online. There are even social networking websites that are aimed for specific hobbies and lifestyle so that it could connect like-minded individuals and share knowledge.

There is also a social networking website aimed for those seeking employment or improve business connections. Since May of 2003, has become one of the most popular social networking website as they have created a niche by focusing on businesses and professionals.

Instead of letting you post your favorite things in life, will let you create a professional profile. This profile could be shared to businesses and companies you want to work for and as a social networking website; you can also use your profile so that you can connect to more professionals who could help you land a job.

But is primary a website of increasing connections instead of job search. As you create your profile and connect to more professionals, you increase your chances of connecting to more powerful individuals since you gain “recommendations” from other professionals. As more professionals recommend you, you can approach the professional you want to talk to and use the recommendations as a testimony of your efficiency and reputation as a professional. If you’re a businessman, you can gain more connections and have better deals in the future.

One of’s features is the job posts created by different companies, large and small. Everyone could try and seek employment through these job posts. Again, the advantage of “recommendations” is used. When you ask to be considered for the said position, the hiring managers and screeners will be able to look who recommended you for the position. This will give you an advantage since you might have the recommendation of those who have connections with the company you want to work with.

But the best feature of probably lies on transparency. Regularly, job seekers are the only ones who have to prove their worth to be hired. This responsibility is not carried to the employers since they are the ones who are hiring. But through this website, transparency is enforced. Instead of only showing your experience as well as connections, the company hiring will also be required to show who they are, their experiences as well as recommendations.

If you are a fresh graduate, start creating a profile in this website. The earlier you start improving your connections, the better your chances of gaining a good job. It’s a very simple networking website but has already helped a lot of job seekers as well as businesses who wanted to make sure who they work with.

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