Surviving Job Scarcity

This year’s fresh graduates would have to overcome two factors in finding a good job. First is their inexperience on their chosen field. Although there are companies that entertain fresh graduates, there are too many people that are looking for job today that fresh graduates are not just contesting the position with other fresh graduates but those with experience.

The second factor they have to deal with is recession. With inflation going up and unemployment rate is at its record level, more people are out of job and in the street to find a job fast. A good job for a fresh graduate is not an impossible scenario today but highly difficult.

But all is not lost in the job market. There are still industries that are looking for workers. In fact, there are even states in the country that are still posting increase in job rates. However, the challenge in these jobs is that they are often not in synch with your education. That means the chances of getting hired to these industries are slim.

Don’t give up hope. Look at your situation this way: recession has already made it impossible to find a good job in your industry so the difficulty in finding one not according to your education is almost the same. You just have to be flexible to get the job that can support your financial obligations and lifestyle.

Need vs. Desperation

There are people who are in need of a job while others are very desperate in finding one. Need as a motivation to find a job in different industry is good since you can easily think about the job offer. You can easily discern whether or not the pay actually provides you with sufficient financial assistance.

However, desperation for a good job is never a good thing. When you are desperate for a job, you will end up taking up anything that is offered to you since you don’t have time to think about the job. Even in recession, you have to think about the offer so that you will not end up being exploited.

Connecting Education and Skills

One of the burdens in trying out for the jobs in different industries is on how you can actually prove that you can help the industry with your education and skills. The reason why those with education that are not in synch with the industry are not hired is because they don’t exhibit the skills that could help the industry.

But do not dwell too much on education. Focusing on your education in your cover letter, resume and interview will get you nowhere. Focus on your skills instead. Your soft skills such as better customer service, leadership quality and sales skills could be your main points of interest so that you can be hired.

Your education will just come in later which could only be used to prove that you have been properly trained on some things that could help you in your career later even though they are not in synch with your education.

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