Surviving Probation Period

Fresh graduates wanted to have them all – a good pay, a great job and ease of transactions. Most companies offer these career improvements to individuals who are able to show talent in what they do and dedication to companies. While there are others who can give you the promotion that you need, most companies will follow the six month-term or one year term before you are considered for the job.

For that reason, there are things that you shouldn’t do until you are hired as a regular employee. The following are those things:

Being Late or Absent – As much as possible, do not calls-in sick during this period. Some are having trouble keeping up with this but you should be aware that no call-ins for one month means you are dedicated on what you do. This also goes the same with being late for work. One of the worst things that you can do to your career is to show up late since this is a sign that you are not serious about your career thus should not stay on the job.

Looking Ahead without Looking Down – this might sound trivial but a good way to destroy your career is to get really excited about the thought of success that you forget on what you should do today. In your first six months or during your probation period, you are tested if you can do your job and more. This is not a very complicated task that getting it wrong doesn’t only mean your job but your career. Be patient on the tasks assigned to you. From simply using the photocopying machine to improve sales, you need to do cover basic tasks before moving ahead.

Abusing Company Policy – working in a good company has many perks such as a internet connection, shuttle service, coffee and other things that will make work a lot easier. But when you use their internet connection to do things that are not work related or even those things that are not safe work, you are pushing your privilege. Remember that in your first months at work, you will be highly monitored since they have to know if they hired the right individual for the job.

Missing Company Activities – team building is very important for the company’s survival. Through team building activities you get to learn more about your office mates and they will also have a chance in knowing you better. Missing out on these activities means that you are not just interested in the activities but also in the future of the company.

Look for a Job – this is an obvious no-no. You already have a job and you are giving a chance to prove your worth. You don’t want to ruin your chances of gaining a good career in your present job by snooping at job search websites.

These are only things that you shouldn’t do on your first months on the job. Just use your common sense to survive and improve in your career.

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