Creating Greener Office

Going green in the office is not just about reducing paper usage. We have to thank technology for helping us going paperless. Our presentations, copies of documents and office memos do not have to be printed as everything could be stored in a USB Flash Drive or could be sent through email.

Although there are people who still prefer to have a printed copy of everything, the number is significantly dwindling. Eventually, we can have an office where paper has become absolutely unnecessary.

But as we have already indicated, a greener office is not only in reducing paper. There are other ways that should be implemented to create a greener office.

Aiming for Lesser Waste

Using paper is one thing and wasting them is another story. Unnecessary use of paper should be reduced as soon as possible. If a printed copy is necessary, one copy should be made for recording purposes. Copies could be distributed electronically. Providing each employee with office memos and trainees with training documents should be limited to electronic copies only.

This is not only limited in paper, there are other things that should not just be placed to waste. A recycling effort should be done to ensure that every resource is reused. This will cut the cost of company spending and will significantly reduce waste.

Sustainable Products

Instead of purchasing products that can only be used once, companies should aim for products that they could use over and over again. Using rechargeable batteries and efficient design for better lighting should be imposed in the office environment. This is also aiming for less waste and at the same time, decreasing the need for additional purchases.

Office purchases should also be regulated to ensure products are used well and at a lesser price. Buying in bulk reduces the need for using extra resources for acquiring products such as fuel and even time of the employees.

Less Energy

This should not only be imposed in large scale but it smaller actions as well. Computer monitors should be switched off after work. Placing it on standby will still consume small amount of energy. That maybe small, but if everyone is doing it, the company would have to deal with a larger electricity bill. The repercussion of a computer monitor is not only in its use of energy. Because of the heat coming out of computer monitors, more power will be required from the air conditioning units to ensure that the monitors will never overheat.

Promote Cleaner Air

This is probably a little bit difficult for most offices since they would usually end up in an office in cities where pollution is more likely to happen. Closing the office means less fresh air but closed offices means recycled air.

An option for offices is to have more plants so that the carbon dioxide will be efficiently processed to be oxygen again. There are even plants that could help in removing toxins in the air. Affordable air purifiers could also be purchased to help clean the air.

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