Current Challenges for IT Job Search

IT or information technology has made life a lot easier for many individuals around the world. Communication, business and personal interaction is not just based on limited persons in the same area.

Everyone can now connect to anyone, anytime. The use of IT is even extended to entertainment, personal security and even health as the improvement of technology means better understand of the human body and better equipments for disease prevention and treatment.

Because of the demand of IT, many individuals are opting to be on this field. There is always a perception that the chances of improvement in this industry is great because there is always the need for fresh talent.

However, the reality in IT industry is different. While it is true that there is a demand for new talent, the talent needed is not exactly what everyone is trying to learn. Here’s a basic example. A graduate of computer science with expertise in Java can’t find a good job. Why? Because there are already thousands of IT professionals that are also experts in Java.

You can become an expert in a single general field but that doesn’t mean anything in the current IT scenario since these general ideas are already well known. Companies do not need additional programmers or experts in general field.

If you’re considering working for an IT industry and significantly growing, considering branching out and develop specialization within a specialization. Going back to the previous example, you don’t just focus on Java in general. You should create or focus on a single task for Java so that you will significantly improve on that field.

This is actually another dilemma for those working in IT. Dedicating to a single aspect in IT with specialization might still work against a person’s plan in getting a good career because there might be no demand on the said skill.

While there is a route to where technology might be going so that you can adapt your education to cater to the demand, its still difficult to specifically determine the need in the future. This might actually cause frustration since after all the hard work, companies are not interested in the special skills because they don’t need it. Resorting to general knowledge is also a bad idea because companies are already full of talents with the same knowledge.

But that doesn’t mean an IT industry is a dead-end industry where there is no chance for personal development. It’s still one of the best industries for talented individuals to prosper without being employed. You can use the internet to prove your expertise and your opinion will slowly matter to those interested in the same industry.

Many individuals who found it hard to be in a corporate setting opted to start their small company. Instead of competing for a position, they started a small IT company that can cater to small businesses. It’s a simple career but a very stable career because of the consistent demand of talent from small businesses around the world.

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