Learning from Direct Sales

Direct sales is a very popular business model for those who wanted to increase sales of their products. They sign up sellers from different parts of the country. Their business model is based on exclusivity since they only offer their product through direct selling.  The business model of direct selling is very commendable. In fact, you can even learn some things from direct selling that you can apply to your job search.

Convenience – If you want to improve your chance of employment, show to your potential employer that you provide convenience to the company. Companies are hiring employees simply because they want their business process to be smooth sailing. Always aim to provide your prospective employer that you can ease the business processes.

Flexibility – The biggest challenge any new employee would face is the lack of compromise for your personal interest.

For example, other employees would be able to ask for leave of absence for various reasons. Your case on the other hand, is different. But instead of clamoring for your leave of absence, you have to be flexible enough to adjust to the company’s interests. Companies want their new employees to provide the flexibility they need so that their operations can continue even in non-working days. There are even companies who ask their employees to work during the night shift especially if they are operating 24 hours a day.

Endorsements – There are direct selling companies that are aggressive in their advertisements. But these advertisements are not some quirky advertisements. They often focus on endorsements to grab the attention of potential buyers.

This should also be a clue for you if you want to get hired. Improving the chances of employment can be boosted if you have a good endorsement. Look for someone who can provide a good word for you with the company. As much as possible, ask to be referred by someone recognized by the company or by the industry.

Expecting failures – not everything is a success in direct selling. Ask any direct seller you will meet and they can attest that there are those who will not accept their offer. But they have often ignored this fact and move to another potential customer until they can find actual buyers. This should also be a lesson for job seekers.

Instead of moping because of the rejection you experienced, it’s a lot easier to move on and find another employer. Besides, moping will only worsen your feeling of insecurity because you can’t find the job you want. Another lesson learned from direct selling is the fact that they are slowly improving their skills in gaining customers.

If you have been rejected for the job, use the experience as additional lesson in gaining employment. It’s a tough reality but as long as you move forward and learn along the way, you will eventually gain employment. Take a cue from direct sellers as they are continuously doing the difficult task of selling.

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