Face to Face Networking

Aside from online networking, face to face networking is an increasingly popular practice for job search and business connections. Job seekers such as fresh graduates and terminated employees have opted to sign up for this type of services since they get to meet people who could assist them find a job or even hire them.

Other businesses are also considering face to face networking so that they could expand their network that could provide them the resources and services they need without spending too much. These events might require a fee but the chance of meeting the people that could help shape your future is worth it.

But the people you meet in these events will not approach you and ask what you need. You need to approach them and convince them that you are a professional and could help many companies through your expertise.

The Elevator Pitch

Networking events are fast paced events which gives every job seeker a very short amount of time to talk to an important person. Before you arrive at the place, practice your “elevator pitch” which is a form of short statement that will tell you the employer who you are and what you can do. This is also used in business transactions as a way of introducing themselves.

An elevator pitch doesn’t need to go beyond a minute. That means you have to be concise, straight to the point without any stutter. You can easily perfect the statement and when the person is interested, he or she will ask follow-up questions.

Remembering the Name

If you’re one of the individuals that are having trouble remembering the name, do take note of this deficiency before it could have a dire effect on your career. Some simple tips on remembering names:

• use the name after introduction
• write the complete name on your phone
• talk to the person a little bit longer

It will take time and effort but names are very important especially if you want to get in touch with that person. Think of it: how can you call him or her if you don’t have any idea of your contact’s name?

Using Business Cards

Business cards may seem like an outdated technique to remind the person who you are. But using business cards today will most likely get the attention of your contact. A business card is a formal way of introducing yourself and you are serious on getting in calling your new contact. Create a simple and formal business card so that it will reflect your professionalism.

Being Casual

If there’s one thing you don’t have to be during face to face networking is to be too serious on the event. You still need to be friendly and talk to a lot of people to gain connections. Being too serious will get you nowhere. But this is not a ticket to be wild.

Remember that you are there to convince other professionals that you should be their employee or business contact. Face to face networking will reveal your true personality but you might want to tone down your behavior a bit in order to gain friends.

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