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Job search is always in an imperative if a person wants to be employed in a specific industry. Because of recession, individuals who have an impressive record still have to hunt for available vacancies in different industries. During economic prosperity or even in stable situations, companies are the ones seeking for talented individuals since the best could already be working for some. Even those who didn’t have any impressive records during college could still find a good job since there will always be a demand.

But those days are long gone. Everyone is on a same playing field when it comes to job search. Everyone has to network, submit resumes and cover letter and try to impress the screener during an interview.

While the above mentioned process could work, it might not be feasible for those who didn’t have any impressive records during college. There has to be additional facts that a fresh graduate should offer. Remember that a fresh graduate do not have any relative experience so proving their skills could be challenging especially if their college records were mediocre.

That is why it is imperative to add certain facts and features that go with your resume. These are industry specific activities so that you should be able to prove something to the interviewer.


Before you go ahead and insist in working for a fee, you should prove yourself worthy first. This can be done by working voluntarily on some companies before they hire you. This is commonly seen in service related industries. You may have to work for free for a couple of months before you could work for them with a fee.

But remember this: volunteering will not necessarily mean you will be hired for the position. Make sure that the company is considering your services before agreeing to volunteer for them. If they won’t accept you after months of working for them, you could still use it as experience when you try to seek employment in other companies.

Work Samples

On the other hand, there are industries that do not really care about experiences. What they do care is on how you perform a specific task. For example, companies still value the experience of computer programmers but if computer programmers can show their coding skills through the applications they have created in the past, the can be hired with or without any experience.

While this might sound very convenient, it’s still the same with volunteering before being hired. In the case of computer programmers, they have to work for countless hours on a certain application without any fee just to prove that they can create an application.

While traditional and online job search could help you land a job that you need, there are certain additional tasks that you must fulfill in order to be part of a specific industry. These tasks are highly recommended when the competition for vacancies is very strong. Through volunteering and providing convincing work samples, the chances of getting hired in the chosen industry could increase significantly.

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