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 Fresh graduates are usually excited in landing their first job. Their knowledge after college is just too difficult to be laid to waste. After all, the efforts and experience they had in college should be used immediately. Their ideas and concepts that might change the industry they want to work for should be immediately implemented.

If they can find a willing company to use their services, they should be able to assist the company to improve because of their knowledge of the industry. The character of a fresh graduate is also valued as he or she is usually aggressive and idealistic to the point of perfection in terms of getting things done. When given a chance, the fresh graduate can be very productive.

But even though everything is already laid out for the fresh graduate, there is one thing that doesn’t necessarily exist for fresh graduates: a chance for employment. Recession has caused to spike the unemployment rate to nearly 10% and the fact that it could actually reach double digits is very feasible since other states are reporting an unemployment rate to as much as 15%. It’s a very difficult situation for fresh graduates since there are more unemployed skilled workers who also wanted to get another chance.

The increase of unemployment rate has also spurred job scams online and their likely targets are fresh graduates. Online posts such as “No Experience Necessary”, “No Training Required” can be very attractive to fresh graduates. Since they can’t easily compete with the experienced employees, they often look for alternative sources of information for job vacancies. But if the fresh graduate is never careful, he or she will end up with a job without any salary or worst – a job that will force them to spend a little bit without any return.

Preventing scams in job search is relatively easy and fresh graduates are aware of these scams even during their college years. But desperation can easily alter the opinion of fresh graduates. Their financial responsibilities right after college is sometimes too much that they have to land a job or else face more financial problems that will last for many years. This situation can easily prompt the fresh graduate to take risks in trying these jobs but these jobs often end up with frustrating results without any financial rewards. The time and effort spent is all for nothing.

The easiest way to gauge if the job is actually a scam is to identify verifiable information about the job post. A post that says, “Internationally recognized companies looking for competent individuals for expansion” will most likely have a scam.

The mere fact that no verifiable information is included in the post is a clear sign that the job post is a scam. Information such as company name, website, email, phone number and physical address are very important since they signify validity. Check their data first before any transaction to ensure that the job is from a legitimate company and not just someone who will exploit talents without providing any financial compensation.

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