Job Searching Secrets Revealed

Job search can easily get frustrating especially when no considerable results have been achieved. For example, you may have made at least a dozen cover letters with corresponding resumes and distributed them to different companies in your area.

But even with those resumes, you still can’t get a single interview. That scenario can easily frustrate anyone and, sadly, that happens to many people today. Recession has limited the number the number of vacancies while terminating as many employees as possible. That means no available positions for those who are seeking employment.

Blaming the Competition

The number one reason why someone would not be hired would be that someone else was better. It could be in terms of education, experience or just simple networking but there is something that the successful candidate had that those rejected didn’t.

But this is defeatist way of thinking. Blaming the competition because you were not hired will only lead you to think that you won’t be hired at all. In this economic condition, you don’t expect that a single job opening will only get noticed by two or three candidates.

The competition will always be fierce especially when the vacancy is on a position that could lead to a career. You will be competing with experienced and better educated individuals since they were terminated in their previous positions. If you place this into consideration, you could easily think that you have no chance of getting hired.

More than “Look at Me”

Before you blame anyone else for not finding a job lately, take a look at your “tools” – your cover letter and your resume. These are your two tickets for an interview which would easily lead to employment. If you do not improve in making these two letters, your chances of getting interviewed are virtually next to nothing.

One of the biggest reasons why your resume is not entertained is that it only speaks about who you are. Of course, resumes and cover letters are supposed to tell that but in this competitive times; you need to do more. A simple “what I can do” will never suffice since the company you want to work for might not be able to relate on your skills.

Instead of simply telling them your education and skills, inform them on what your skills and education could do for the company. This will make them realize that you can offer something – even different compared to other applicants even though they may have a better education and experience.

Companies are not necessarily looking for individuals who have more education and experience; they need someone who can do the task with efficiency. If you can show that through your resume; your chances of being invited for an interview improves.

Job hunting is not just showing your education, skills and experiences to possible employers. You need to take an extra effort in showing them on what you can do for them. Without that feature in your cover letter, you don’t give the possible employer a chance of knowing what you can be for the company.

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