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Everyone now goes online to find their preferred job. Before you finish college you are already familiar with different job search sites and have even tried posting your resume just to see how they work.

Large and small companies prefer to go online in posting an available job as the number of reader is not only local (compared to newspapers) but even international.

It is always better if there are more people that could read the available job as this will increase the number of applicants. That means the best possible candidate could be hired.

In your end, as a fresh graduate, you would also follow the usual practice: post resumes online and fill out online forms to get the attention of headhunters.

But as much as you wanted to find a good job right after college, you should also take care of your personal security. The information that you will post in job search sites are very personal, they could be used without your knowledge. If you are not careful, you will end up being a victim of identity theft.

Sticking to the Basics

There are websites that specialize in certain industry. There are websites geared for healthcare, accountants, engineers and online jobs. But do not be fooled by some of these websites.

Setting up a website is really cheap nowadays that hackers can create a good looking website just to trick you into submitting your personal information. This is quite unfortunate since there are job search websites with specialization that are totally legal and would get you the job that you like. That means identifying a good job posting website for the specific industry is a little bit difficult.

To be on the safe side, always post your resumes in popular job search sites. Companies are also geared towards the popular websites because they know they are frequently visited.

Besides, if they are going to post an available job in specialized job search sites, they are most likely going to post the available job on the more popular website.

If you really want to post your resume in specialized job search sites, be sure to scrutinize the site before posting your information online. Research on the company posting in these websites to ensure the validity.

Submitting Your Resumes Online

There are also “companies” who will ask you to submit your resume online. Do not be unscrupulous in providing your information online. In a bid to get a job as soon as possible, fresh graduates just send their resumes to companies that shows interest.

Always double check the company asking for more information. They usually would have a website, a toll-free number and a verified address that you can look up online. If they do not have any of these, then their identity is almost questionable.

If you do not know anyone in the company or not familiar with the company; just walk away and find another offer. Your personal information should always be secured and not just left for everyone to look at as some of them might use them for illegal activities.

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