Tips for Searching Part-Time Jobs

In these days when many people are affected by the recession, companies which are downsizing their operations may instead need part-time workers to take over the full-time positions that were left vacant due to the downsizing. It can happen that the volume of work may still shoot up sometimes when orders for a company’s goods from abroad come in every now and then.

While the national economy may be down so much, some countries may not be hit as badly by the recessionary problem, and there are still buyers in their areas of goods that are not selling anymore inside our own country. Whether we like it or not globalization is very much a part of our lives now, and we just have to adjust to this new scheme of things, or we will be left behind in the global economic race.

If you are out of a job now but would still want to work, even part-time, there are tips that will be helpful to you in searching for these types of jobs, including the following:

1. Be prepared, communications-wise. You must have a telephone answering machine or voice mail system, so potential employers can get in touch with you easily if they need to. Your cell phone can be a big help this time, so potential hirers can call you even when you are not at home when they want to interview you on the spot, and even want you to start working immediately.

2. Use Job Search Engines when applying online. The part-time job sites may just be the right place for you to focus on, when searching for part-time and hourly jobs, or they may have a sophisticated search engine that will enable you to search quickly for part-time jobs right where you are located.

3. Apply Direct Online. Many major employers of part-time workers now, like JC Penney, FedEx and Wal-Mart, accept online applications as a major method in getting part-time workers. These major companies may have affiliates abroad still experiencing good sales that source their goods from the US. Be ready with your personal information like your contact information, educational background, and employment history when applying online. Among the things an employer with part-time jobs will likely ask of you, are what days and hours you are available to work, so have this schedule ready in your mind when you apply.

4. Be alert for any sign of hiring. Establishments with the part-time jobs may put up "help wanted" signs in store windows when you’re in a mall or just walking around town. You may even ask the Manager if the store is hiring if you don’t see a sign – there’s no harm doing so.

5. Check the Newspaper Ads. Check the Help Wanted ads in your local newspaper every morning.

6. Applying in Person. Applying in person may still be the best option you can use in going after part-time jobs. This is because the firm may just be in that situation where it needs applicants to start work instantly, so you must be dressed like you are already reporting for work when you apply in person.

7. Bring all information needed when applying in person. Be ready with all the information you’ll need to fill out an application, including names and addresses of previous employers, dates of employment, references, and a resume. Be prepared for a brief on-the-spot interview and be clear on when you will be available to start on the job offered.

8. List the companies you have applied with. After an interview, jot down the name of the person who did the interview. This list of information will be handy when you get a follow-up phone call from a firm you have applied to.

9. Tap your network of friends. Many, if not most, of part-time job openings aren’t advertised, so tell everyone you know that you are looking for work. Ask if they can help you get part-time work. In spite of the sophistication now of IT, that old circle of friends of yours may still be the best in getting hired quickly for a part-time job.

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