Traditional Job Search Method

Traditional job search is still a relatively effective tool to land a good job. By traditional a job search, you create a good resume together with a well written cover letter to introduce yourself. Instead of going online, you visit different companies that have advertised vacancies in order to be interviewed.

This method will actually work since online job search is considered only an alternative to traditional job search. Companies still value applicants who go out of their way to visit the companies they want to work for. You should be able to convey a good impression if you visit the company on time with a professional look.

But sometimes, traditional job search is not working out for you. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get any interviews or even return calls. There are still a few companies hiring so someone should have called you – but no one did.

Unfortunately, traditional job search may not be cut out for everyone for the following reasons:

• Everyone is doing it – Although online is a good way to be noticed, visiting the company personally is still better because you physically show up to provide your resume and cover letter. Instead of waiting without any confirmation through email, you get an immediate response from the company. Because of the advantages of traditional job search, everyone is using this method and getting noticed is getting more difficult.

• You’re not doing it right – If you have submitted your cover letter and resume and did not received any phone call, there must be something wrong with your documents. Read and edit your cover letter and resume. A bad resume and cover letter will never be accepted unless you make some improvements.

Alternatives to Traditional Job Search

If you think you can’t make any progress in traditional job search, consider going online. It could be a lot more difficult considering the competition and the technology that could hamper your chances of being hired, it’s still better than using traditional job search without any results.

But aside from online job search, consider networking. Ask your friends and families to help you land a good job. Through their assistance, you could have references wherein you will be noticed above the competition. Remember that there are practically hundreds of applicants per opening so you need to be fully competitive. Through networking you’ll be noticed not only because of your expertise but also because of familiarity.

Seeking Help

Your last recourse should be to seek assistance in gaining employment. There are two ways of seeking help to gain employment. The first method is to get in touch with a temp agency. The advantage is that they will get you a good temp job but they might ask for cut on your salary. The second method is to visit the government’s employment agency. While they do not charge you with anything, the job that you will have might not yield a career. Before you visit an employment agency or a temp agency, consider their advantage and disadvantages before seeking their assistance.

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