Traditional Job Searching Methods

Many job seekers use internet in their search for jobs, considering it as one of the most convenient way of reaching out to many companies without having to get out of the house.   This is partly true, but one should not forget that the traditional methods that were used by job-seekers before the internet came up are still relevant.

If you are not so computer-adept, you might just use non-online means to look for the jobs that fit you.  The newspapers’ ad sections are still very much there for you to peruse while having your morning coffee. This is one of the most effective ways of landing a job until now, even if those who are computer-savvy may have forgotten their use.

The companies looking for people whom they can hire place ads in more than one mass-media which include internet as well as news-paper ads, whether of local or national circulation. This way they can reach many more job applicants who might be interested in the jobs they offer.

But even if you are computer-literate and know your way around the Web, it is good to tap the traditional means of looking for jobs. For example it would be good to network with everyone you know and ask for referrals from them to possible employers that they might know. Fellow job seekers are also a good source of information.

A top executive once told his story of accepting a half-time consulting assignment with a group when his office had to let him go because of the bad economy, and so he had to attend meetings in a new office with which he did consulting work. His new associates referred him to another associate, and so on.  This series of referrals led him to a new job.  This is one of the important way to obtain a job, so make full use of your network, no matter how informal it may be.

Another important aspect you need to remember is to keep your resume and other job hunting materials always current and up-to-date, whether you intend to do your job hunting online or walking the extra mile, so to speak. These are important even if you are still employed.

With the current unstable economic condition, you will never know when you will be looking for them, so know where exactly you stored them, available to you for easy retrieval, just in case. Even if you are already employed, have your job-hunting tools like your resume always, ready in case an opportunity for a new job comes along; no one can stop you in looking for greener pasture which everyone aspires for.

Regardless of the advance of technology which happens to be so fast these days, be ready to shift back to the traditional methods of job-searching. You may have to do some walking too to get a new job, but that will be good exercise anyway and good for your health too.

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