Unconventional Job-Hunt Tactics

These days when the world’s economy is in a bad fix, unconventional ideas may just be the thing that can help out resolve the world’s problems. Perhaps the election of President Obama as the first Afro-American president may have been “unconventional” too. Many did not think that he was going to make it in the elections, yet he took his oath of office just a few days ago.

The world recession now confronting all countries could be “unconventional” also in the sense that this one is the biggest so far since the end of the World Wars. Nobody seems to know what will happen next except perhaps those few people who had the guerrilla mentality all their lives – meaning that they have been unconventional thinkers all along.

Many people now are looking for jobs and using all kinds of techniques to land the jobs they need to get them off their financial problems. Many resort to the use of the Internet as a most convenient way of reaching as many potential employers as possible, without leaving their homes and minimizing expenses on transportation.

Many are still using the old walking the extra mile strategy of old, because they also would want to get the exercise they need while job-hunting. A few however are using unconventional tactics now to go after the jobs that they need.

Just as there is now a thing called guerrilla marketing in business, job seekers are also now resorting to the “principles” used by these unconventional marketers. That means they are using new methods of getting the attention of prospective employers, and even getting hired quickly.

The employers who decide quickly to hire these types of jobseekers are just too surprised with the new tactics used, or they are also in search of new unconventional ideas to run their businesses.

Since traditional ideas in business seem to be wanting on how to go about resolving the current recession headaches they are having, some business owners and managers may just want to go unconventional too.

Businessmen, who find their guerrilla marketing useful, started out in first using this marketing technique as the more unconventional thinkers in the business world.   The strength of a guerrilla, in military terms, is in the word “surprise” all the time. The guerrillas master the terrain well and use surprise tactics to catch their enemies off-guard.

The unconventional thinkers among job seekers now also use surprise as a main weapon.  Surprised by unconventional approach of a job applicant, the prospective employer is intrigued and his interest is aroused so he instead invites the caller to take coffee in his office. That is much more than just reaching first base, as far as the job applicant is concerned.

For the hiring manager, this could be his chance to get some novel ideas in the rapidly changing business environment. After all, the boardrooms have not turned up with something yet logical in the face of a worsening recessionary problem. It could be job seeker who may just have the bright idea on what to do to tackle the bad fix in which almost all businesses are now stuck.

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