Common Mistakes in Your Resume

You might have written several resumes so that it would custom fit to every company you plan to work with. It is recommended to send to as many companies as possible so that you will have a greater chance of getting an invitation for an interview.

You can think of your resume like a raffle coupon wherein the key to success is to have as many coupons as possible to increase your chances of winning. Unfortunately, you only get very few response. Remember, these are just interviews and will never translate instantly to a job hire.

If you take a look at your resume now, it would seem to like a pretty decent resume. You have all your personal information, job descriptions in your previous job and your educational attainment properly written and presented. As we have indicated, you might have changed your resume to custom fit to the company you were applying for but still no luck.

The problem is actually not on how you wrote your resume but what you have written in your resume. The most common mistake in your resume is on sticking on bare facts without accomplishments. You might have written in your resume that you have been a manager of a certain company and enumerated your job functions but you have left out the accomplishments that you might have done during your time there.

Being Precise

Some would say that writing your accomplishments for the previous company is too arrogant. The idea that you provide to headhunters is quite the opposite. Instead of being too arrogant we have show them what you could do.

Companies are not looking a candidate who could provide the same functions of the person they just terminated; they are looking for someone better. By writing your actual accomplishments, you are giving them the impression that you are willing to go out of your regular job function and offer solution to problem.

Related to Job

If you have been customizing your resume for sometime, it’s time to apply this notion to another level. You need to rewrite your accomplishments to every company you are working for. Why this customization? You have to highlight the key characteristics the company is looking for in a candidate.

For example, the previous company is looking for problem solvers so you write, “established a working solution to current office problems” and on the other hand, if the company is looking for leaders, “led the company to a workable solution to different office concerns”. By customizing your resume, you are able to impress the right people and could get interview invitations.

Quality over Quantity

The notion of “collect and select” is still applicable but it could cost you and its time consuming. Instead of going after hundreds of companies, target specific companies that you really want to work with and create a very impressive resume. The notion that you’ll have increased chances of being interviewed by sending as many resumes as possible could work but it will never have the response that you expect.

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