Prepare for a Job Expansion

Getting promoted is never easy. Sure, you’ll see openings in your company once in a while but the chances of getting promoted to that job are very slim especially when you are not experienced. In larger companies, there will always be someone who is more competent or experienced to be considered for the job opening.

If you don’t have those two, you can’t get a good chance of being considered to the job opening. You may scramble to prove your credentials but all of them would be in vain if you didn’t have any noticeable marks with the company yet.

Lateral Instead of Vertical

But going up may not be your way to a great career. You are always looking up to the managers and supervisors as they have proved themselves worthy to be promoted and reap the financial benefits of having a higher position. But that dream could get easily diminished especially when you are in a highly established company.

Before you even apply for the job, the company might already have considered some persons. That is why you can just read in your email that someone has been promoted since they were chosen not because there were any candidates but because the upper management has found them to be worthy about the job.

So instead of looking up, why don’t you look sideways? Instead of a higher position in the same department, why don’t transfer to a smaller department and prove yourself worthy there? Being head-on and compete with others is great but that will get you nowhere especially when you are in a large company. Instead of going where everyone dreams and aims, aim for something that is rarely desired. It might not be at your liking but the opportunities are there and they are more realistic to achieve.

Getting the Skills Required

Transferring to another department would mean additional skills. But there are times the company just needs someone who would be part of that group and grow from there. It may require additional interview but as long as you can show them that you are willing to learn along the way, you can get the transfer that you need. The company may still be experimenting on that department so they would need someone who is willing to learn and adapt to new conditions.

It’s in Your Hands Now

Now that you are on the new department, that could increase your chances of being promoted, be dedicated to that position. The success of that department is based on what you can do and how well you do it. It’s an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss since you are placed in a position where you must perform well because you are already in a spotlight.

If you do well, your company might reward you with a promotion even though you didn’t ask for it. On the other hand, it could cost you your job if you don’t do well. The success of the new department as well as your career could be determined on how well you handle new challenges in a new department.

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