Get Your Boss to Like You Fast

Whether you like it or not, your boss is your key to success. If your boss does not like you, you will have a slim chance of improving your career. Your boss will never notice your potential and might even find ways to get you terminated from your job. On the other hand, if your boss likes you, your potential is highlighted and career advancement is easier.

Remember that you have to very productive at work and the only way to do that is to be in harmony with your fellow employees.

Acting Smart

The upper management is always in a lookout for someone who knows the company problems and may have thought of solutions. If you want to create a good impression to your boss; act smart and mean it. Simple gestures such as asking smart questions to your boss and actively listening to their response will show that you are interested in the solution and would like to work on it as soon as possible.

Do not believe the notion “there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers”. If you do believe on this, you might end up going to your boss for petty questions and be ridiculed for not getting the answer on your own. Asking questions will also help develop your relationship to your boss through communication.

Your Boss’ Personality

We all have different personality and preference and that includes your boss. Although the Boss may promise impartial decisions, he will always have inclination to certain beliefs. Be sure to notice their small inclinations and base your decisions regarding those preferences. It might take sometime before you can completely understand your boss’ personality so apply only the things that you know regarding your boss.

Never assume anything that you are not sure of since your decision might cost you your job. Your boss may have the eccentricity that has made him highly productive so you have to understand what those eccentricities are and base your actions on them. The last thing you do not want to hear from your boss is that you have been a little bit incompetent in doing things on your own.

Dedication to Work while Looking Ahead

If you are really aiming for a promotion, do not go out and present yourself as someone perfect for the position without proving it. While looking for ways to get a good impression, be productive first. There are employees who have been promoted not because of their leadership skills but because of their contribution to the company.

Be sure to be highly productive while being available for other projects. This way, you will be able to prove yourself worthy of promotion by being helpful to your boss while being productive for the department. Simply put, cover the basics first before jumping into other agendas.

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