Resume Makeover

Your resume is one of the first official documents you would provide to your possible employer along with a cover letter. Your resume will inform your employer who you are, where you have been, what you did and what you can do for the company.

Through your resume, your employer can immediately detect if you have a chance of being employed or at least interesting enough to be interviewed. Your cover letter will only introduce your resume and sometimes employers will skip the letter and read the resume directly because they want the important data immediately.

But providing a resume to possible employers does not mean an immediate interview. As you might have already experienced, your resume didn’t have any impression on many employers because you didn’t receive many calls for a job interview. You are prepared for the interview but no one seems to like what they saw on the resume.

If you’re resume doesn’t get you any interviews, it’s time for a resume makeover. You should make some changes on your resume since the old format does not entice the possible employers. Pushing the same resume will never yield the result that you expect so you need to change it as soon as possible.

There are two tricks that you can use to improve your resume:

Have someone read it – your friend or anyone you trust that could provide an honest review of your resume could be of great help. Let him or her read through your resume and ask if the resume could actually entice the employer to invite you for an interview.

Let your reviewer read your resume so that you can be given feedbacks not just on the format but even on the basics such as spelling and/or grammar. Sometimes you’re too engrossed with your format that you forget to check even the spelling in your resume.

Read it out loud – this trick can be done without anyone’s assistance. Read your resume loud and try to listen to what you say. Do you think your resume sounds good? Is the presentation of experience, education and accomplishments impressive? There should be something wrong in your resume that prevents you from getting the interviews you expect. Try to read your resume out loud for a few times with an interval every two hours to get a better idea of the quality of your resume.

Note: you can also combine the two processes so that you can have a better feedback about your resume.

Focus on Impact

There is only one thing you should make sure when revising your resume: the impact. Don’t just settle for something good looking. Your resume should have a powerful impact on your potential employer. This impact will help you gain interviews and even increase your chances of being employed.

When your resume has a certain impact on some employers, they will remember your profile faster which means you stand out among the pool of applicants. All you need now is to improve your interview skills in order to gain the job that you want. Create an impact on your resume so that the rest will be easier.

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