Novel Resume Submission Tips

Job applicants take much effort in creating their cover letters and resumes and hope that these documents can help them land the job.

Among the things that they come to know about include some tips on novel ways on how to submit their papers so that these can get early attention from the prospective employer. These may include:

1. Resume submission tips for printed resumes.

* Using a different color paper for making your resume, could be quite effective. Normally people send their resumes using a cream, white, or gray paper color. Be different and creative, and use a non-resume paper color. This will make your document original, and stand out among the others. You can use a different resume paper color, like green, without losing the formality of applying for a professional career.

* You may also use a different size paper for your resume. It is one way of making your application different from the others in the stack of papers in front of the hiring manager. Because of the larger size paper you used the chances are high that the reviewer of the job applications will pick up your application ahead assuring you of getting faster action.

* An inside contact could be helpful – If you’re interested in a specific company, get an inside contact by meeting someone from the company, using maybe a friend-of-a-friend connection. People usually hire people they know so try therefore to do whatever it takes to get an inside contact.

* Have you ever sent a certified letter that costs a little higher than the ordinary? Go to the post office, and by paying a little more you can send your resume "certified" with confirmation, meaning that the recipient of the letter must sign for it. By sending your resume certified to the company, you’re insuring that your letter reaches its destination – the hiring manager. This gives you a big advantage because the hiring manager’s mail is filtered through a number of gate keepers.

* Deliver the resume personally. Walk into the office, and ask for the hiring manager (by name) by saying that you need to discuss the current job opening with him. This technique works as they see you as being determined, proactive, and outgoing.

2. Submitting resumes electronically:

* Get the name of the hiring manager for the position from the company’s website and email your papers to him. The "About Us" page may have a link to its key executives, maybe with an email address included. If there are no email addresses try this technique:

* An inside contact can also help you in getting the email address of the hiring manager to help you submit your resume by email.

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