Adapt to New Working Environment

New employees, especially the fresh graduates will often have a hard time adapting to the new working environment. Fresh grads will always be idealistic – coming in with revolutionary ideas. Although their ideas are good by itself, it might not work well considering the culture as well as business conditions. Their enthusiasm might often be met with ridicule and scorn especially if they were not able to adapt fast.

As an employee or office manager, it is just fitting to help the new employee get comfortable to the office environment. The speed of adaptability of the new employee will not only increase self confidence but will also help the general productivity of the office.

Managers are usually the first person to welcome the new employee to the group. As the employee will be handed over from the human resources, the manager introduces the new employee to the group. Aside from courteous introduction of the new employee, the manager should assure the employee that chances of career advancement is high in the company. The manager might even be a great example if he or she was in the lower ranks before landing the job of being a manager.

Questions should always be encouraged from new employees. It is not only a test of curiosity for the managers but also a test of interest. There are employees who are just there for the money while there are employees who are there to really work and improve their career.

The “money type” employees would often be disinterested and not ask questions while the “eager” employee would ask as many questions as he or she can. It could be a little bit annoying for the manager but it is for the good of the company as the new employee gets a crash course on the actual operations.

New employees are often the target of practical jokes and rumors. This will never help the new employee as they would feel ridiculed for what they do. Remind the new employee to ignore them and just do what he or she is assigned to do. If there are any hints of harassment, encourage the new employee to report the incident as soon as possible.

To prevent ridicule, introduce the new employee to the customs and traditions of the department. No business processes are the same and their employees will develop a unique culture. Introduce the employee to this culture by getting them acquainted on how the employees dress or act in certain conditions.

There are business processes that are handled with care while there are business processes that are handled casually. These traditions may not even be in synch with the company policy but it exists solely for the adaptation and increase of productivity of its employees. There will always be an office culture and as soon as the employee is introduced to it, the sooner he or she begins to adapt.

Managers should ensure the new subordinates could adapt as soon as possible. A new employee will always mean a chance to increase productivity and improve business.

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