Being Too Nice at Work

There are people in the office who are known to be “nice”. They never seem to have any problem with their fellow employees and the upper management. They have stayed with the company for years and their knowledge in the industry has become valuable for the company. These employees have become a shining example of what should be practiced at work.

Before you start being nice to everyone at work, be cautious. Although being nice will get you places, being too nice will jeopardize your career. You will let people step on you and even ask favors without any possible return.

Your colleagues will count on the fact that you are that “nice” person whom they can turn to without any expectations. While it is important to be nice, you need to have a threshold in order to be competitive at the same time.

Saying “No”

A nice person is always approachable but that does not mean that you will say “yes” to every request your fellow employee or even your supervisor has. You are getting yourself worked up too much but the credit may not be yours.

If the credit is due, it is the group which gets the nod and not you. Learn to say “no” to those tasks which you think is a group job so that everyone will be working for the specific goal.

Speaking Up

One of the reasons why some people are nice at work is that they are shy to speak in public. Overcome this emotion if you want to advance in your career. The only people you will find successful in life are those who know what they want and will go out and get it.

It usually starts by simply speaking up in meetings and consultations. Your ideas may or may not be feasible but you are slowly setting yourself as someone who has ideas.

Straight to the Point

Being nice indicates you are someone who does not want to offend anybody. But that is impossible. If someone comes to you with a faulty report, do not just say it is good with few revisions. Tell them what you think of the report so that they will know how to properly change them.

Being nice by telling them it is good with few revisions will make them think that the report is almost good enough. By being direct, your fellow employees will know you mean business and you are professional in handling things.

Be Confident

Confidence is not bragging. There are people who can exude confidence without being too assertive. Being nice and confident is possible as long as you know where your place is.

Confidence is basically a trait wherein you know what you do and how to do it. Your confidence in the office will even earn the admiration of your peers because you are a great person at work and a professional in every way.

Too much of a good thing is not good anymore. Being nice is one of them. Be confident of yourself since you were hired because you know something. Exercise that knowledge and improve your career.

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