Giving out Bad News at Work

People are never perfect and so is their work. There will always be something wrong that we have done even though we have completely covered our tracks to ensure that everything should work as planned. The good part is we can always find a remedy for these problems but the bad part is delivering bad news to the person concerned. 

It might be your boss, your co-worker or someone who work under you who will be receiving the bad news and in any level, bad news will always be bad for you and for the person receiving the bad news. 

As soon as you realize that something is wrong, inform the person involved as soon as possible. Delaying the bad news will only increase the problem and people will always think badly about you since you are covering your problems. If you are able to inform the right person about the problem as soon as possible, the solution could be created as soon as possible and bigger problems could be averted.

Aside from the time frame, the source of information should be from the persons involved. If you are the one who caused the problems, you should be responsible in informing the right problem about the problem. Some employees and managers don’t want to face the challenge of delivering bad news to some people because their reputation will be placed on the line.

But the bad news will only worsen since the source of information might be construed during the transfer of information. If the person responsible about the bad news delivers the problem, the information will be accurate and a solution will be hatched as soon as possible.

The type of delivery should also be considered. Because of the comforts of technology we could just send an e-mail, leave a voicemail if something is wrong. Although this protocol is accepted in most companies, not being personal about the problem will mean you are not running away from the bad news.

More often than not, your co-workers and managers will greatly appreciate that you personally deliver the bad news. Again, the advantage of delivering the bad news personally will mean that the solution will be created or initial solution will be provided.

Lastly, the way bad news is delivered should also be considered. Instead of beating around the bush, bad news should be given as forward as possible. You should be aware that the persons concerned should have the information straight so that they should never misunderstand the bad news. Give the facts straight and right so that the person will understand the situation as fast as possible. 

As much as possible do not make excuses if something bad has happened. By pointing other persons or other circumstances to the problem will not be beneficial for you. Be honest and face the consequences. Most managers today are not only the people who know how to perform but also have the ability to cite their shortcomings so that they could ask for help as soon as possible.

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