How to Avoid Frustration at the Office

One of the best traits you will always notice from fresh graduates is their eagerness to work. They are dedicated to a lot of things because they have the mental and physical capacity to do so.

No one works for nothing. There is always an expected result which will give satisfaction to those who have worked on the assignment. Of course, you can pay the employee to do things but they will still take pride when they see some results on they do.

It is also a common trait among fresh graduates to be emotional about their job. This is expected since this is usually their first job right after college. This is the first time they will really have to work not just to earn something extra but for survival.

The combination of dedication at work while being emotional could easily lead to frustration. Because of their dedication at work, they wanted some tangible results on what they do and being emotional they could be very happy when there are results but equally frustrated if they do not see any results.

Seeking Mentors

Coping with frustration is not an easy task and could never be done alone. One of the best ways to easily cope up with frustration is to talk to someone about it – preferably someone more experienced in the office. They may also have frustrations on their work but these frustrations do not diminish their optimism for the company.

The usual reaction for fresh graduates when they are frustrated about the company is just to get out. Because of the differences in productivity goals, new employees (fresh graduates) will just have to back away from the job instead of getting more frustrated about the situation.

But this frustration could be easily addressed when they have a mentor who they can talk to freely. A mentor is not just someone who can teach them about dealing with frustrations but to go beyond seeking results from what they do.

A Learning Experience

Every fresh graduate should understand that their first job is always considered as their "trial by fire" job. That means they will encounter a lot of disappointments, challenges and pressure during these times. No matter how prepared they are for their job, the real world is always different.

This should be expected since students are not the only ones that are evolving into an efficient employee but the experienced ones as well as they push for more productivity. That is why learning does not stop once you have graduated in college – it is actually just an introduction to a brand new and challenging world as an employee.

Another way to cope up with frustration is to treat these experiences for learning purposes. This is somehow a little bit difficult since you will have to deal with these things personally.

But give it time and be patience. Frustration happens to everyone. Do not let it consume you or else that will be the fuel to end your job and probably to diminish your chances for a better career.

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