Office Safety Tips for New Employees

The office is generally as safe place to work. You work in a cubicle or a space wherein you sit in a relatively comfortable chair and you work with highly controlled and monitored gadgets such as computers.

There are a lot of support workforces in the office that will clean and secure the area even when you are not there.

But still, accidents do happen and these accidents are not only dangerous to the office but also dangerous to its employees.

They might be even fatal if they are not controlled as soon as possible. As a new employee, this could happen to you especially if you are not familiar with the office environment.

As soon as get hired and in your first days in the office, the following are the things you should remember to protect yourself and also your office workers in case something happens:

Fire Exit – A classic trick that will never grow old or impractical. On your first days at the office identify the different fire exits in your office and learn them by heart as soon as possible. A fire exit could be your door to everything.

Aside from fire, any untoward accidents in the office could use the fire exit especially if the elevator is unavailable or too dangerous to be used.

Do not stop in just knowing where the fire exits are, take time to check if the doors are open during office hours and they actually lead to a safer place in the office.

Water and Electricity – These two should never be found near each other in the office. When you are presented with your cubicle for the first time, check where the outlets at and where are the areas in your cubicle that might be too dangerous for a water or coffee spill.

Take note of this area in your cubicle with a sign. Remember that it is your cubicle and if there is any person more susceptible to electric shock in this place, it is you.

Security – Always secure your personal belongings and online information. Your car, your keys, mobile phone(s), wallet and everything else you personally belong should be stored in an area where there’s trusted person watching over it or placed in a secured area.

Talk to the security guards on how they try to keep things secured in the office and know their security protocols so that you can be protected as much as possible.

Small but Sharp-Edged Things – From paper cutters to staplers, make sure they are tucked away in an area that can’t be reached accidentally. There are a lot of things that could be used for deadly purposes in the office.

This might sound paranoid but you are just protecting yourself and everyone else in the office.

First Aid – Aside from the fire exit, it is also important to look for the first aid kit on your first days in the office. If you can’t find one, make sure to request this very important safety component for your office.

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