Surviving the First Days on Your First Job

After the ordeal of getting hired for your first job is over, you will have to deal with the reality of working for the company and improve your career. Being hired on the job will never mean success in your career. You still have to exert a lot of effort so that you should be able to seamlessly go through different challenges and have a great career.

Going Stealth

Although you could boast a little bit of being hired for the specific position to your friends and family, you do not have to do that in the office. Remember that everyone else have been hired by the company and they might have gone through more challenges of getting to the position you did.

It is always advisable to be on the "stealth mode" in your first days. Each office has a culture that you should be aware of and you should learn about that culture fast. You might find yourself in an awkward position if you just do things without learning the behavior and practices of the office and your officemates. The manual might tell you the standard practices but the reality is a lot different. Be very observant so that you can easily adjust in the office.

Seeking Attention

It is also a possibility that you will gain the attention of your officemates. Attention could work in your advantage and disadvantage. What you need to do is to minimize that attention that will lead to your downfall and concentrate on the things that will help you. For example, office politics will always be there and people will solicit your support against a certain group. If you sign up for their support, you are placing yourself in dangerous grounds early on. Instead of speaking out in approval, listen to what they have to say.

The only attention that you will need in your first job as an employee is on your job related tasks. Although you already know how to do your job, there are certain practices and "trick" in the office that you are not aware of. These practices speed up your work and will greatly improve your productivity.

Seeking Help

Never hesitate to seek help in your first day at work. No one really gets them the first time but you can improve your chances of being productive early on by asking questions. But be careful on your questions. Avoid asking too much personal questions and focus on the task at hand.

Your officemates will have a bad first impression of you if you ask these types of questions. Be patient since there will come a time that you will eventually know their personal story. For now you have to concentrate in your task since as part of the group, your performance will be greatly influence the group’s productivity. Being new to the job should never be an excuse. Be efficient early on and earn the approval of your officemates.

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