Advertising Broadcasting Career

The Advertising industry is dependant on propagation for its success and this is achieved though broadcasting. Broadcasting is a technical job and involves a lot of IT related expertise. Converting the analog media to digital media is one of the prime responsibilities of the broadcasting department. This department wills also be responsible for managing the air time and broadcasting techniques involved in the advertising industry.

The person working in this department has to be a technician with broadcasting knowledge and advertising industry knowledge. This is an "on the feet" kind of job and the candidate has to be constantly available for any troubleshooting purpose. If an advertisement has to be successfully aired, then the broadcast expert has to be present at the right time. Also, when ad films are made, they are not made in a television media friendly patter.

Most of them will be a mix of graphic and analog media. This whole thing has to be made into a film that can be brought to the television. The job also involves support functions and the person has to be technically equipped to perform these functions. Large advertising companies will have more than one broadcast engineer working with them, but smaller ones often have only one or two people in this department.

Broadcasting Job Education


Media careers have become very popular, and are a good career choice for many budding career oriented individuals. Advertising has promising pay scales and perks to offer which are more than individuality and fame. The varieties of jobs available are very interesting as they involve a lot of creativity. The lure for all these achievements has attracted many youngsters to this profession. Advertising has also emerged in many forms, which range from online to media, radio and print.

Broadcasting plays an extremely important role in this industry. It is the technical branch of the advertising industry. For a person to fit into this department, he or she should equip themselves with broadcasting knowledge, computer knowledge and also internet knowledge. There are many courses that a person has to do before they fit into this role. The basic education in main stream should be Broadcast engineering, or a Diploma in broadcasting techniques.

These courses are offered in premier institutes and a person has to prepare for entrance examinations to get into these institutes. The diploma courses may be offered by private companies. The main stream education should be engineering or technical education.

The education required for Broadcasting Job:

  • Engineering in broadcast technologies or a Diploma
  • Engineer of Electronics
  • Computer skills on broadcasting techniques and Digital media
  • A degree in Mass Communications 

Broadcasting Job Salary


The person should obviously be a technical expert, and on an interpersonal level, he or she should be a good team player. They should have good negotiation skills as eventually they will be involved in managing broadcasting time. For this they will need to negotiate contracts with television media companies and manage the air time. They should also be good at planning the resources and time. The typical Broadcast engineer can earn from $60,000 to over $80,000 per year.

Broadcasting Job Skills


Some amount of creativity is expected. Overall the person should have excellent analytical skills in case there are any problems. The person should work logically towards achieving the desired results. There is very minimum client interaction but sometimes the client does convey the broadcast needs to the department. Since the broadcast engineer has to be available all the time, the person who is performing this role should be enthusiastic and energetic.

The growth options are plenty in this department and eventually the person can become the head of the technical department. One should also keep themselves completely updated about the emerging technologies in the broadcasting industry and should be able to employ them for the company. Also at some point the person should be able to assist the company with technical advice from expertise.

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