Advertising Client Servicing Career

Client servicing is a crucial part of the advertising industry. The main aim of this department is to generate customers and business for the company and also develop the existing customer relationships. This department also covers the responsibilities of the public relationship officers. Advertising can be done through television media, print media and the internet. Similarly, client servicing for the customers is mostly done by using the internet as the tool.

A lot of advertisements are campaigned by using internet and email promotions. A client servicing agent would also need to design new schemes to attract many companies to take their offer. Pricing and design models of the offer are also covered by this department. To be able to design good ad campaigns, the agent should also be capable of doing appropriate online research. This job also needs the person to be creative and progressive. The person should be abreast of the industry’s changing facets.

Advertising Client Servicing Education


The main role of client servicing agent is selling. He or she would need to sell the products and packages of the company. For this, a degree in Marketing or an MBA is required. These are the basic qualifications. However, an added knowledge of Computers, Microsoft Office tools and other qualifications in multimedia design is also crucial for the job functionalities.

The MBA degree is a must because the person performing this role needs to have the industry knowledge and also technical knowledge of the market dynamics in order to be able to design and modulate good packages for the company. An additional education in Public Relation Skills could also very helpful to perform the job role. A person opting for this role could choose to do additional advertising courses after completing their MBA to take up a job in the client servicing industry.

Advertising Client Servicing Qualifications


  • MBA degree
  • Computer knowledge- MS office tools
  • PR knowledge


Advertising Client Servicing Skills


The key skills required to perform this job role are mainly used in business development and client servicing. The business development aspect of the job would need the person to talk to new customers and prospect new business for the company. This would require the person to have excellent verbal communication skills, as well as a convincing ability and marketing tactics to be good at the job.The job prospects are high in the client servicing industry and a person can hope to go to higher levels using their verbal skills.

A person doing this job should have a dynamic personality. The client servicing part of the job would also require all of the above mentioned qualities in a person, and simultaneously the person should also have problem solving abilities. This role mainly involves keeping good relations with existing customers and making them continue with the business and also prospect for more business. The majority of relationship management is done by the personnel of this department.

Advertising Client Servicing Role


The job roles in this department are Account servicing manager and executives, Account managers, and marketing executives. An account would be company specific. Big advertising companies treat each individual company as an account for example like a Pepsi Account, or a Coca Cola account. An account manager would be a person who is handling all the needs of that specific company and also improving the business aspects simultaneously.

Advertising Client Servicing Salary


Remuneration for this department can range from $40,000 to $120,000. Usually in any company the marketing personnel are paid high and apart from the salaries, they are also given perks like incentives and commissions.

Advertising Client Servicing Benefits


The benefits of this job role are that the person working in client servicing can improve their business contacts and also earn a good reputation among the fellow business community. These people are the first contact and are the main relationship managers, so they can have many contacts in the industry which will help them in the future.

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