AutoCAD Designer

In a nutshell, the job of an AutoCAD designer involves designing various parts and components for the automobile industry. Designs are created with the help of a computer as per blueprint specification.

Job Overview:

While you aspire to become a professional AutoCAD designer in the automobile industry you need to acquire couple of skills. One such essential skill is that the candidate needs to be proficient in all the aspects of automobile industry.

Creative skills, computer skill, visualization, patience, an eye for detail and a passion to excel are few other critical attributes that help aspiring candidates. One may also note that many companies insist on a mechanical engineering degree for this position.

AutoCAD designer can find job openings in aviation industry, automobile companies, car manufacturers, machine manufacturers, spare parts manufacturers and the like. There are several career options to choose from designing field. However, few companies strictly demand industry specific knowledge and expertise.

Previously, the United States had a monopoly, and the best cars were made only for the United States market, but the trend is slowly changing. Many automobiles made in the United States are now being exported by various manufacturers. There is lot of scope in automobile sector among developing countries like India and China.


The education required to become an AutoCAD designer is oriented more towards computer skill than college based education. However, a basic degree like Bachelor of sciences or architecture, design, engineering in mechanical or similar course is recommended.

It is important to have the in-depth knowledge, certification of AutoCAD designer and knowledge of design software’s like Uni graphics and CATIA. Also additional knowledge of Auto Parts and Auto Components is needed to fit into this industry.

Experience also plays a vital role in getting a job. A fresh graduate with good designing skill can look forward to an entry level job. An industry expert is designated as the team leader. Everything in this industry depends on the project a person takes and the accomplishments which are derived from the project. These jobs have become very common and are also being outsourced to many designing firms.

Education required:

• Graduate in B.Sc, BE Mechanical, or Bachelor in Design from a premier institute
• Auto CAD, CATIA, UniGraphics and Design Software knowledge


Design engineers should be able to create even 3 dimensional models of various auto / machine parts. They should have an eye for detail and accuracy. A person who has a thirst for perfection will do well in this field. The job also demands a great deal of creativity, concentration and a pro-active nature.

Candidates need not always stick to guidelines; they can also give their inputs and come out with new design techniques to present the models in a better fashion. The job would also require a command over the design software, as the person will always be converting basic sketches to three or two dimensional figures. Most of the work is done through computer.

Candidates need to have excellent communication skills as the job involves communicating with the mechanical engineering team, and should also be able to convey the design to them.

Expected Salary:

Beginner: $1500- $2000
Mid Level: $1800- $3000
Expert: $3500-$5000

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