Biotechnology Business Analyst

For every business to grow, is it essential to work on research, find the industry’s potential and apply them in order to develop new business techniques. The Bio technology industry is the fastest growing industry among all industries in the current day economy, but even this industry is dependent on business analysts to a large extent for spreading its awareness and reach out to numerous business sources.

Business analysts play a vital role in the marketing department of the company by exploring the company’s potential. The Information systems job usually involves a lot of travel by exploring new markets and establishing new business alliances. On the whole, it can be an extremely interesting job for a person who likes to explore, and who likes to travel. This job is not suited for home birds. Also, most of the job involves communication so the person in this job role should have exceptionally good written and spoken communication skills.

The job depends on these crucial skills, because this person would not only be representing the organization, but will be also establishing long lasting relationships for the organization. The business growth is dependent on the information systems and business analyst teams of the company. Usually, large organizations have many business analysts, but smaller organizations will have one or two people in the CIS department.


The job involves traveling, talking, and communicating through various means. The person in this job should be able to design new business plans, and the most desirable education for this is an MBA in marketing or finance. An MBA graduate, through education and projects, learns the marketing techniques of big industries, and using them as an anchor. They can be innovative and design more such techniques for the company. The education provides people with the knowledge support.

Also, for a person to develop the products, they should know what they are dealing with and what the product is about. To understand the products of the bio technology industry, one must have a biology or chemistry background as a primer in the college or graduation level courses.

This education provides a lot of information and knowledge base to the candidates. Bio technology deals entirely with molecular biology, genealogy and agriculture. The person should have knowledge about these things and should be able to use them in their verbal communication.

Education required:

Master of Business administration in marketing or Finance
Bachelor of sciences/ Molecular Biology/genetic engineering/ Bio chemistry
Engineer of bio technology
Computer skills


It is preferred by most companies that the ideal candidate should have accreditations like Six Sigma from popular institutes or companies. For bigger positions such as a manager, the companies require the candidate to have a minimum of two to three years of experience in the bio technology industry. The CIS managers are also expected to do some quality related functions, and many companies require that they have a black belt qualification for this along with six sigma accreditations.

This automatically certifies that the company is delivering good quality to their customers. The desired skills are excellent marketing and business administration knowledge, communication skills in written and verbal areas, and a pro active nature. All these qualities will benefit the candidate a lot in their future growth in the industry. In other words, the person suited for this job role should have the gift of the gab to prosper, and also knowledge to support what they talk about.

The other skills include leadership qualities which help the company and the team in the future. A prosperous company always has a good leadership team and the visionaries on top positions. This is the most important aspect of leadership.

Expected Salary

Beginner: $4500
Mid Level: $5000
Expert: $6500

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