Biotechnology Clinical Research Analyst

The bio technology industry is termed as one of the fastest and rampantly growing industries. The findings and technology of this industry is being applied to many other sectors like the pharmaceutical industry, genealogy, microbiology, cellular biology, medical science, hospital industry, environmental sciences and energy industries. The bio technology industry is helping these industries to put better practices in place and develop much more advanced solutions.

The effective research procedures and practices are benefiting one and all in the industry. A clinical operations analyst or assistant, before the bio technology industry revolution, had the basic job responsibility of assisting the lab technicians or doctors while performing procedures. Ever since the bio technology industry has grown, the same job has more responsibilities, and is much more advanced than it used to be. An e-clinical analyst or research analyst performs research on many clinical procedures, and collects data and translates it into new methodologies.

The Analyst will be helping in supporting and planning the clinical procedures. Most of the issues are not solved physically, but more practical research is used. The complicated procedures are the ones that have been escalated, and which involves using the internet. An e-assistant can post solutions instead of physically being present at the problem site. This has opened many options for the hospital industry, as they do not have to depend on the knowledge base of their available staff members. Now they can use the knowledge of many experts who cannot be physically present, but still pass on suggestions and new procedures to the teams.


This is a completely technical job, and is very intricate and embedded within the industry. On the surface, knowledge will not fetch a job in this category. Many companies prefer a master’s degree or bachelor’s degree in medical sciences for this post. Because the job involves researching clinical procedures and recommending new practices, a person should have in depth knowledge of the human body and the procedures that can be performed. Though the person is not physically expected to do it, the person’s knowledge and exposure is used to achieve better practices.

Giving clinical advice is not the only part of the job, but the majority of the job involves a lot of research, and putting the research knowledge together. Many companies prefer that the ideal and suited candidate have 3 to 5 years of experience in the related field to become an e-analyst. They should also have extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical terms so a degree or relevant experience is taken into consideration before offering the job. Along with it, 2 years of experience in clinical operations is also required to perform the job.

Education required

Bachelor of sciences or Master in biological sciences
Bachelor in pharmaceutical sciences
Computer knowledge and skills


The required skill for this job is an extensive knowledge of the clinical terms and procedures, along with an ability to work under pressures. The candidate should have an eye for detail and always verify the suggestions. He or she should be able to apply the research knowledge to the solutions, and they should develop effective solutions. The dependency on established practices should be minimal, and they should be able to develop new practices which will be effective and accurate.

The person in this job role should have exceptionally good communication skills so that he or she is able to work in a team, and sometimes handle the team effectively. Very rarely does a person in this job role travel, but sometimes in case of an emergency, they have to. Their job is not sensitive, and the technicians in the hospital industry will be working online most of the time. Yet if the job is of a sensitive nature, they have to be on time.

Expected salary

Beginner: Not Available
Mid Level: Not Available
Expert: $5500

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