Bio Technology Data Services Project Manager

In bio technology industry, each research group is considered as a project and one single team. A data project manager plays a leadership role and ensures that the team delivers the desired results in the stipulated time. These are not the only responsibilities, and there are several other responsibilities that encumber the role of a data manager. Research is basically a collection of data and findings, and a person who handles this is called the data manager.

The job sounds very simple and straight forward; however, the actual job is much more challenging and intricate with many integral responsibilities. The industry has several branches like the bio tech pharmacy industry, the bio tech genealogy industry, and the bio tech agriculture industry. A person looking for opportunities in any of these fields should have the specific skills and knowledge to apply them to the relevant industry.

For example, if a person is seeking a job in the pharmaceutical industry, then they should have an appropriate degree like B-Pharm or equivalent courses to qualify for the job. Similarly, Bio tech engineering or a degree in cellular and molecular biology is needed to fit into the bio tech genealogy division. The company’s business is also specific to the department it is dealing with. A single company may not be involved with all the various divisions of the bio tech industry, as it is very complicated.


The desired education for this job role is a Bachelor of Sciences and Business administration. If a person seeking this job role has solid information about the bio tech industry, and is well informed about the terms and jargon, it is sufficient to execute the role. However, more than education, the emphasis is on the experience the person has gained. Fresh graduates are not suited for the role, as project management requires a lot of tact and understanding of the industry.

The experience should be gained in the specific industry and in the concentrated job to become a project manager. A basic degree in science would help the person in this role understand the meaning of some simple terms which are otherwise difficult to comprehend. For example, a data services manager in a biotech pharmacy company should have some knowledge of chemistry, because the names of the products and research material will sound technical and a person should be able to use and remember them.

It is not possible for everyone to do it. Based on the person’s knowledge, the job responsibilities are assigned. ERP knowledge becomes a must for larger organizations, as they have complicated software like SAP to carry out their everyday functionalities.

Education required

Bachelor of sciences
Business administration
Knowledge of ERP solutions


The project manager will be responsible for many tasks like project delivery, managing the relationship with the clients, handling customer relations, planning the project and deriving its status area for job responsibilities. There are many more responsibilities like data mining, business process analysis, and team management. To execute so many responsibilities, the person should have leadership qualities, excellent team management skills and communication skills.

The person should have good PR skills to handle public relationship within the company, the team and even external clients. Biotechnology is also a time based industry, and when the companies are in stiff competition with each other, the timely deliverance of projects becomes very important in this field. It is the responsibility of the data services project manager to ensure that everything is happening on time.

Everyday data turnover in any bio tech company is large, and the ERP/SAP solutions are used to handle the huge volume load of data. The Data services project manager should be good at handling the Enterprise resource Planning software to work efficiently.

Expected Salary

Beginners: Not Available
Mid Level: Not available
Experts: $8000- negotiated amount

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