Early Career Evaluation

Every fresh graduate wants to establish a career as soon as possible. When you start early in your career, the chance for career growth is more likely since you have the time and patience to be with the company until they recognize your talent and loyalty.

By starting early, you will be able to have enough savings in your retirement fund. You will be retiring in a very comfortable manner if you have started a career in your early 20s.

Although it is difficult to find a job in today’s economy, it is still possible to be employed as long as the fresh graduate is persistent use the available resources as much as possible.

But getting hired is just the first part of the story. Every fresh graduate or those that are newly hired should evaluate the job immediately. What is written in paper as part of your job description could be entirely different on your first days on the job.

You need to evaluate this form of career as soon as possible so that you can transfer to another career in case you are not satisfied. If you still wait a year or two before transferring, it could be too late.

Satisfaction as the Measurement

The first question you should ask after starting your first few days in the company is “are you satisfied?” If your answer is yes then you have found a great career that could last until your retirement. On the other hand, a “no” answer does not mean you are in a bad career and you should switch immediately.

Consider the reasons why you don’t like this particular career. Sometimes, the good treatment from the company is only the reason why you don’t like the career. Seeking satisfaction in a career is very important since it also helps in productivity.

Checking Values

Knowing your satisfaction in a job will reveal a lot of things regarding your preferred career and yourself. Among those things are your preferred values in your career. You could be satisfied with work but you are not agreeing with the salary being offered. That means your value is mainly based on the salary or income you would get.

By knowing what you really value in your career, you should be able to select the company or even the relative industry that could support your values.

Thinking Long Term

Also ask yourself “where would I be 10 years from now?” If your answer would be in the safe company with better pay, then you are enjoying your career and should work harder for promotion.

On the other hand, if you do not see yourself with the same company or industry after 10 years, better work on your options fast. There are many industries to choose from. Since you’re still young, you can expand your options through education or additional career training.

Evaluate your career as soon as you start on it. This will give you an idea on how you will fare in the industry. Through evaluation, you could easily set a path for development in case you are not satisfied in where you are right now.

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