End of the Year Techniques for Your Career

Strategic planning in obtaining the job you prefer is imperative if you want to have the job you want and the pay you are looking for. There are external factors that you should consider to get the job that you want and how you have to deal with it if you want to get your dream job.

One of the most prominent factors that you should consider is timing. In fact, some consider that timing is a very big factor since you can’t just get a job that you want if there are still people occupying on the job that you are seeking to be employed for.

The best time to consider applying for a job is at the end of the year. If you have been working with the same company for years, you will notice that people come and go during the end of the year. The reason for the transfer during these times is the year end evaluation. Everyone is assessed on what they have done and what they could do for the company. Anyone who is not able to fulfill their expectations could be terminated.

The end and start of the year is the signal of employee changes. Others who are not terminated might leave anyway as they will seek greener pastures. Companies are also assessing their needs at the end of the year; they might add employees for different purposes.

Preparing for the New Year

Preparing for the New Year’s celebration will only take days or a week or two but for your career, you have to prepare for months before the New Year to be hired at the start of the year. Here are some things you should consider doing before the end of the year arrives.

1. Research – If you are planning to resign at you present job, you should ensure that you know where to go. Research on what company you want to work with. But don’t just look for a company that’s already successful. Look for a company on the rise instead. This is very ideal if you want to start small but quickly rise as the company quickly improves.

2. Update Your Resume – Months before you apply for the job you want, think about updating your resume and prepare the cover letter at the same time. You should tone your application based on the company you are looking for.

3. Focus on Your Job – Be sure to leave the company with a great impression of your work ethics. Your company may have a tip that you might be leaving them at the end of the year but you are not making any excuses in working less.

4. Negotiate – if you are a little bit hesitant in leaving, negotiate. Since you are leaving the company, you can ask if they would make an extra effort in making you stay. If you are confident with your skills and your role with the company, you can negotiate and maybe earn more so that you can stay with the company and finally enjoy working there.

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