Extending Your Skills for Increased Job Security

There’s an old saying, "don’t place all your eggs in one basket". In this highly volatile world, there is always a chance for change – both expected and unexpected. The change that we expect are relatively easy to work with but the unexpected ones are especially difficult.

This is true in the current employment situation. You may be focused on a single industry but it’s not going to work in your advantage when the industry can’t keep up with recession. If you only have one skill, you’ll find it really hard to find work when the industry you’re good at, closes.

For that reason, you should always seek opportunities to add one more skill to your resume. You will never know when you will need that skill and because of recession, there is a great chance that you might have to use another skill to gain employment.

The job market is a little bit challenging today that if you only have one skill, you will never be on top of the considered candidates for the position. If you don’t have any extra skills that you can use when the worst case scenario comes, you’ll be in big financial trouble.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can learn additional skills without having to jeopardize your current career. If you don’t have a job right now, you might want to consider other industries if you are having a hard time landing the vacancies in your area.

Extending Your Hobby

In other articles, the first recommendation you’ll most likely to read is to go online and learn. While that is highly recommended, learning something online immediately can bypass a very important fact about you. Learning a skill is not just going to school and forcing yourself to learn, learning a skill can be dictated by your interest.

Since you don’t have a lot of time (or source of funds), you need to learn fast. But why push for something totally new when you can revise or tweak what you already know and make it better? To be specific, you need to consider your hobby as another source of business or a skill that can be perfected and used for employment.

It doesn’t matter what hobby you have right now. The world is so versatile today that any hobby or skill can be used to be a source of income. A good example is the development of the skateboard industry. This sport used to be a backyard afternoon fun for kids.

Today, it’s a billion dollar industry with professional skaters earning millions from competition and endorsements. Your hobby will also experience the same transformation – only faster because there is most likely an established group to support what you love to do in your spare time.

After focusing in your hobby, it’s time to go online and learn. Finding an idea is no problem since that information might have been already posted by someone. By focusing on your hobby and learning ways to earn from the said skills can help you find another good source of income or an alternative career.

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