Searching for Job through Facebook

Facebook is currently the most popular social networking site in the world. The number of users are growing exponentially as everyone was swept by the new platform of connecting to the people you know. Although other social networks are still going strong, none of them commands news, updates and attention compared to Facebook.

As a highly popular social network, Facebook has also become a good source of information if you want to land a job. It’s already a well known fact that Twitter can help you land a job because of its consistent updates but Facebook is not lagging behind on ways you can land a job.

The "Search" Tool

The easiest way to know where to find jobs in Facebook is to use the search tool. Simply type-in the job you are looking for and almost everything related to the keyword will be displayed. This should be your initial step in finding specific sources of job vacancies. Through the "search" tool you’ll be able to find groups, persons and even applications related to the information you need to know. The rest is simply going over specific information.

Working with Various Groups in Facebook

LinkedIn, a popular social network dedicated for professionals will help you connect to groups in the same industry. Facebook also have the same feature but are looser in what type of group you can join. There are groups in Facebook dedicated to a specific industry wherein professionals who have the same background can join.

But don’t just limit yourself to like minded people. There are also groups in Facebook dedicated to helping others land a job. Some group owners opted to attract more people by posting vacancies in specific industries. There are no fees to join and no limitations so there should be no problem in joining in any of these groups.

Facebook Applications

The unique feature of Facebook that have attracted millions of users worldwide is the application. There are thousands of applications one can use in Facebook based on their interests. That is why, some Facebook users spend hours in the same site as they play games or interact with various applications.

There are also applications in Facebook that can help you land a job. Some of these applications can help you edit your resume, upload some information on job search sites or help you create a good looking cover letter.

Cleaning Your Tracks

Not everything is good in Facebook when it comes to job search. The social networking site is practically a ground for everyone to be just themselves. Sometimes, the bad things that might discredit the reputation can be posted in the social network. As long as they are online, they can be retrieved and be used against you.

If you’re creating a profile in Facebook or in any other social networking sites, be careful on what you write or post. Any blog, photo or video can cause the destruction of your career. You can still have profile but be sure to have good clean profile while using various social networks.

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