When the Employer Says

Getting hired is still very difficult even though the economy is slowly getting back on track. The idea of "getting back of track" is not the same as "stable" since there are still things that need to be done to increase employment rate. Many people are still looking for job and there are still others that recently experienced termination.

For that reason, many job seekers are pushing their envelopes just to get hired. From highly unique to ridiculous techniques, some are showing desperation when they can’t find the job that can provide them with financial support.

In your end, you don’t need to show desperation when you can’t seem to land a good job these days. When the answer is "no" after the extensive job hiring process, you can still push your services a little bit for a second option. While it’s very rare that they will hire you after they said "no", trying will not hurt you and will even teach you additional tips on how to get the job you want.

Checking for Vacancy

Before you plead your case just to be reconsidered for the job, check for vacancy first. This is highly recommended if you’re aiming for a position for a single employee. If you think someone has been hired for the position, it’s no use in pushing yourself. You’ll most likely receive a response stating that they have already filled the position.

On the other hand, you can still ask for more information if the position is not only for a single person. Take for example entry level call center agents. They can easily hire one hundred employees but they left you out. In this case, you can ask to be reconsidered for the job.

Careful Planning

Appealing your chances for employment is not just marching back-in demanding for an explanation why you weren’t hired. If you want to be hired you need to show them that they missed out some key facts about you. If you can (which you should), revamp your cover letter and resume.

Once you’ve revamp these documents to highlight additional data about you, consider going straight to the hiring director. Other employees in the HR can’t easily make the decision to reconsider your application. If you are able to talk to the hiring manager, you can plead your case by providing the data you think can boost your chances of employment.

Avoiding Desperation

Appealing your application for employment can be interpreted as desperation. You should, at all cost, avoid this conclusion from possible employers. Desperation is a career killer as your reputation can slowly spread. No company wants to hire desperate applicants because they might resort to dangerous activities to stay on the job. Be professional and state facts when asked instead of appealing purely to emotions.

Last but not the least; remember that you only have one chance of appealing your application. When they insist they can’t hire you, move on and look for another possible employer. No need to push your application again as you might be branded as a desperate job seeker.

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