Before You Hand in Your Resignation Letter

There are industries today that are greatly affected by recent economic changes. Companies have found themselves with a dwindling stock price which means lowered value. Lower and mid-ranking employees often find this as a sign to leave the company before it was eventually closed down. As one of the employees, you get tempted to follow suit and look for a better company.

But before you leave, check some things first. There might be telltale signs that it’s not yet the time and there might be something better coming.

The Talented Ones

In every company, there are individuals who are greatly identified with their company. Their talent and dedication are almost next to nothing as they would often look for ways to get the company into a better position. One of the best indications that it’s time to leave is when you see the talented ones leave for a better company.

The company you are working for are basically floating on thin air without going to complete disaster because of these talented ones. As soon as you see most of the employees that have been highly regarded by the company leave, it’s time to look for other jobs yourself. On the other hand if the talented ones stay, it’s still worth the second look.

Sticking with the talented upper management has its benefits. You’ll be seen as a loyal employee and of course, increase your chances of being promoted to work with this type of employees. If your company pulls through the hard times, you find yourself in a better position.

The Company in the Industry

While checking on the talented one’s outlook for the company, you might want to consider the performance of the company compared to other companies in the same industry. The industry maybe dwindling in general but you have to know how your company cope with this situation. There are companies who are very smart in keeping the company and its employees afloat while there are companies who have seemed to have given up on any chances of survival.

If you’re with the latter company, it’s time to leave – fast. By this time, the talented individuals in your company may have been packing or has already transferred to another company. On the other hand if your company was able to fare better than others in the industry, stay put and help it keep it afloat. Maybe the reason why the company was able to survive is because of the remaining employees like you.

Resume Update and Networking

If you see a single hint of company related problems, update your resume as soon as possible. Even more important is to update your network as you might need their services soon. An updated resume and contact persons will let you get back on track as soon as possible.

Never be hasty in handing in your resignation letter. Check the facts first as the company would still be able to survive. Loyalty is still rewarded in companies especially for those who have stayed even during the hardest times.

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