How to Improve Your Professional Brand

Professional branding is increasingly becoming a must even for fresh graduates. Even though you’re just out of college, you need to establish who you are and what you can do. Without professional branding, companies might see only as one of those applicants that might never be considered even for an interview. Through professional branding, you’ll be able to establish your uniqueness which will help you stand out among the pool of applicants.

Establishing your brand as a professional is not a walk in the park especially if you’re just a fresh graduate. But there are ways on how to improve your branding so that you can be recognized as someone different.

Know Who You Are

Before you set out to establish your professional brand, focus first on your personal information. This can be verified by simply searching for yourself online and revisiting various websites where you have posted videos, photos and blogs. This “personal brand” should be different from your professional brand.

Any incriminating photos, videos and blogs should be removed as soon as possible. Don’t think that your information online will never be found. There are free tools online that can dig up personal information fast which could cause the downfall of your career.

The Online Advantage

As much as your personal information online can cause your career downfall, the internet is also the best place to boost your professional brand. You can use the internet to post relevant photos, blogs and videos about the industry. Through your constant presence online, you can slowly gain the attention of industry leaders.

But even though you can’t get the notice that you want, you can still redirect employers to your blogs so that they will know your expertise in the industry. It might sound imposing but aside from interviews, a good way to let your possible employer know who you really are is through your online information. That’s where your blogs and other posts could help you. When you have established your brand online, your possible employer will know what you can do for the company after a simple visit on your blog.

Creating a Niche

Don’t expect that your future employer will be impressed just because you know how create and post a blog. What you may have written online may not be different from other blogs your employer has seen from other applicants.

Instead of focusing on general things that everyone might already know, focus on a certain topic or a niche in the industry. By focusing on something different, you are establishing your brand which will show your expertise on what you can do for the company.

A good way to establish a niche is to combine certain skills or have a different outlook on the industry. By providing a different view, you are giving the employer an idea on your ability to think about the industry as well as the knowledge on how to help the particular company survive.

Establish your professional brand as soon as possible. By cleaning your personal record online and creating a niche as a professional, you are increasing your chances of getting hired and become a leader in the industry.

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