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The unemployment rate is about to hit 10% as the economy is trying to get out in one of the most troubling moments of recession. This is very bad news for those who are still trying to start a career.

Fresh college graduates will have a hard time finding a good job since they will be competing with more applicants. Instead of landing a career a few months after college, fresh graduates have to wait for years before they could be part of a workforce. There’s just too many unemployed today that getting noticed alone is very difficult.

That’s why many are opting to seek help for their job search and some are willing to pay for that extra help. One of the assistance that you can gain with a small amount is to opt for premium membership in various job search sites. There are practically millions of resumes posted online and they continue to increase everyday because of unemployment.

An impressive resume is not a guarantee that you’ll be noticed by employers. Because of the sheer number of candidates, the chances of getting your resume read by employers are slim.

Premium membership in various job search sites will boost your resume by placing your resume on top of the search results. That means your resume will be first to be considered for the job. Other websites offer additional services such as tips on how to improve your resume or editing cover letters.

Monthly fees are usually asked for this type of service. Through their assistance, more employers will be able to take a look at your resume which means better chances of employment. You can consider the fees on premium membership as a small investment in order to gain employment even during recession.

But is premium membership really worth it? No. Unfortunately, getting your resume noticed by employers is not a guarantee that you’ll gain employment. Of course, more employers will read your resume but if the contents of your resume is not impressive or do not have something unique to offer, the chance of getting invited for the interview is next to nothing.

The employer can simply skip your resume and move to another applicant when there’s nothing special in your resume. Premium membership should be able to help you improve the looks of your resume but many employers are already aware of the candidate they should hire and no amount of words can convince them to look the other way.

Instead of paying for premium membership, consider improving the chances of employment by finding a job in a traditional manner: visit the business or company you want to work for and personally submit your resume. You can also improve your resume online by researching a little bit about the companies you want to work for and use smart keywords in your resume.

Companies usually filter resume through keywords and the chances of getting noticed is almost the same as premium membership. Instead of paying for premium services, a free account and a little aggressiveness will help you land a job.

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