Job Hunting Tips for Freshers

The world of possibilities suddenly opens up for you as soon as you graduate from college. No more sleepless nights trying to figure out what to write in a term paper and no more peer pressure in doing those crazy things during spring break. You are now unemployed but with great potential and could be hired based on your education and relative experience while in school.

However, looking for a job is very easy but landing one is a very difficult task. Remember that you’re not the only graduate this year and when the great job is available, you’ll be competing with hundreds of applicants.

To increase your chances of being hired, here are some tips that you may consider before and during job hunting. These are pretty simple but are often neglected by fresh graduates who are too excited to land a job.

Clean your online profile

Even before we reach college we are already members of different social networking sites. We often post pictures in these websites so that we can share with our friends our adventures and even the crazy things that we have done. Before you even apply for a job, check your profile and delete the pictures that could hinder you from being employed. Also advise your friends to do the same so that you can completely clean your online profile.

Proofread your resume like crazy

Remember that you are not in a deadline like your final thesis. Take your time in writing an excellent resume and proofread your resume. Read it twice or thrice and have a friend read the resume and read it again. It might sound crazy but you can never be too sure that you have a good resume.

Customize your resume for every company

Resumes used to be simple sources of data of the applicant. But that situation is long gone and resumes are used as a tool for increasing your chances of getting hired. Know the company philosophy and the skills they require and customize your resume based on that information. By customizing your resume to each company you are planning to work with, you are highlighting the skills and personalities the company are looking for from a candidate.

Update your professional profile

Aside from cleaning up your online profile, it’s time to update who you really are online. Use your network to spread the word that you are looking for a job. Use different online job search websites and update your profile there. Companies who are looking for candidates will usually access your information online and contact you if you like what you see.

Act professionally

Being young doesn’t mean you are given a free ticket to act casually during job interviews. You are already in the professional world and although you are young, you can show yourself as respectable as the president of the company by being professional.

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