Avoiding Small Mistakes during Job Search

Everyone makes mistakes in almost every endeavor they do. Even during the job search process, wherein it’s a golden rule not to make any mistake, applicants still end up committing mistakes.

The current trend and techniques in job search will usually yield rare major blunders at some point in the interview, resume or cover letter. But there are still scenarios wherein a candidate will commit small mistakes. These are often unavoidable and were not done out of negligence. But a small mistake can easily ruin your chances of getting hired for the job you want.

Because of the significance of a small mistake, it goes without saying that small mistakes matters to screeners and hiring managers. These small mistakes could be noted and will be used against you. This means a small mistake will cost you the chance of being hired.

Some will argue that a small mistake actually means nothing since they were not done out of gross negligence. This might be right but you have to remember that the screeners and hiring managers only have a small time in screening the candidate.

The small time frame only allows them to look at the limited character of the individual. It’s also the experience of hiring managers that small mistakes during the job process should never be ignored because they might reflect a bad personality.

Small mistakes can also cause you your chances of employment when the screener notices a pattern in your actions. For example, your answer to questions seems a little bit arrogant. Being arrogant in answering one question is highly tolerable but if the screener sees a pattern of arrogance, the chances of employment diminishes. Your character is just a small detail about you but managers will vote against you since you might display the same arrogance when working for the company.

But committing a small mistake doesn’t mean you’ll never be hired for the position. What’s important are the things that you do after you have committed a small mistake.

The following are recommended "remedies" in case something goes wrong during the job process:

Recognize the mistake – never think that you can get away with the small mistake. Even though screeners and hiring managers are swamped with applicants, they can always tell if something is wrong with the applicant. Let them know that you have done something wrong.

Let them know it’s not your usual practice – after admitting that you have done something wrong, let them know that you don’t normally do this mistake. Make sure that it’s not a pattern that you usually do because they will still notice that you have done the same mistake and it could be a pattern.

Make a mental note of the mistake – to avoid going through the mistake once again, always remind yourself about the consequences.

A small mistake is often tolerated by screeners but they can be used against you. If you have done something wrong, recognize the mistake and apologize so that you can have a fresh start in your job search.

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