Avoiding Desperation During Job Search

Getting a job during recession is very difficult. As the US dips into 9.5% unemployment rate, more and more individuals are having a hard time getting the attention of few employers who are willing to open their doors to new employees.

The number of unemployed on the street is increasing which means the competition is getting fierce. For that reason, employees are looking for ways to be different from applicants so that they can be considered for the job. A normal resume and cover letter today will never work since everyone else is doing the same.

But the idea of being creative can sometimes go overboard. Some applicants think of very clever tricks just to get noticed. For example, you show up for an interview wearing a bunny costume because it’s nearing Easter (actually a true story). Wearing something odd during job search will definitely be noticed by employers but it will never work to your advantage. In fact, crazy antics just to get noticed will lessen or completely remove your chances of being hired for the job.

Being unique to the point of getting weird during the job process only means that you are desperate for the job. You do these things because you badly needed the job and you will do almost everything just to get noticed.

Giving your possible employers a sign that you are desperate for a job can never boost your chances of employment. While desperation will mean employees could be working harder, they are working for the wrong reason: money. Of course, money is important but employees who are driven primarily by money could be tempted to do things out of the ordinary (illegal) sine they really do not care about productivity or the company but only in earning their payroll.

Avoid being tagged as desperate. In every movement that you make, be sure that you are professional in every way: the way you speak, the way you move and the way you dress will be scrutinized and anything unprofessional will be counted against you.

Desperation is one of the biggest indicators that you are not professional since you are not there to work and be compensated later – you’re only seeking to be compensated no matter what happens to the company. If the company will sense this, they will never hesitate to consider other candidates. There are many applicants who have fallen for this trick only to leave frustrated.

But that does not mean you should never be creative during your application process. There are a lot of ways that you can do to be noticeable without sounding desperate. Always think of being professional and everything that you do.

Your creativity should be based on showing your skills as a professional. There are many avenues that you can show your skills without looking ridiculous. If your goal is just to get noticed then being weird during the application process is recommended but if your goal is to be employed then be creative in showing your skills and abilities regarding your employment.

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