Watch out For Job Titles

Everyone is trying to land a good job today. Even though the government is trying its best to get everyone the jobs, the fact that the country is still in recession has made job search very challenging. Private companies are still terminating employees in large numbers while those that are able to stay in their current position are experiencing salary cuts.

New graduates are having a hard time landing on their first job because there are too many terminated employees that might offer experience, skills and even inside knowledge of the industry. Everyone is trying to land on small vacancies which means competition is tough.

Because of the tough competition on landing a good job, some are just too careless in scrutinizing on the type of job they are actually trying to get. There are those who base their decisions on which company to work for on job titles. Of course, these job titles can tell something about the job being advertised, what they really say may not be the same.

Scrutinizing the advertised opening should be a constant practice for every job seeker. While everyone is trying hard to land a job, this should not be the reason to be careless on what company you have to work for. You could be easily scammed if you are not careful. When this happens, you gain nothing while the scammers away with your money.

Although job titles can fool you to a lesser extent, it can ruin your career in the long run. The title might be attractive but the pay and opportunity for growth is not there.

The “Sales Manager”

The classic example why job title will not necessarily lead you to a great career is the “sales manager” position. At first glance, the job title looks great. Think about it: you are “sales manager” of a company which means you help them take care of their sales so that they slowly prosper.

While that position sound great, the actual job description is only on selling their products to some people over the phone. The term “sales manager” still applies because you manager their sales. You still manage their sales but you do not do it in a conventional managerial concept such as working with employees. This job position will require you to directly influence sales by actually selling.

Of course, there are still companies who advertise “sales manager” according to the popular conception. You just have to read their job descriptions so that you can identify which company will actually give you the position with responsibilities you expect.

Letting Go of Pride

Unfortunately, there are individuals who force themselves into these positions merely because of positions. You could brag to your friends and family that you are actually a “sales executive” for company in your area but your real job is to execute sales – a job that will require you to literally sell products because you will only be paid by commission.

Watch out for job titles. They will give you a preview of the job but they often do not tell the actual responsibilities and chances for career growth.

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