How to Improve Job Search

Searching jobs online and in your local area could be very challenging since companies are not looking to add many employees to their workforce this year. Recession has greatly affected the hiring process that some are forced to relocate so that the demand would fit to their education. Although relocation is relatively easy, fresh graduates will still have to face the challenges of the new environment not to mention the pressure at work.

But ultimately, finding a job is not easy. But it does not mean that you have to employ complicated ways to find vacancy. You just need to be open to more options to gain more information.


A common misconception of fresh graduates is the idea that you will be hired solely because of education. Although there are companies who would hire you because of what you learned in college, today’s competition for job vacancy is very fierce that you need more than a college degree.

You need to show your prospective employer that you are already in the industry before you are hired. Participate or join groups dedicated to the industry or write about it online or on newspapers. By dedicating to the industry even before asking for a job, you will gain recognition which increases the ease of finding a job.

Smarter Online Search

It is already standard practice to look for a job online. However, traditional job search online might not work anymore. Everyone is already creating an account in popular job search sites that the available jobs are already been filled or would have received massive response from job seekers.

Remember that online jobs are not only open to those living within the area but nationwide. That means hundreds or thousands of applicants have already sent in their resume. The chance of getting hired is very little.

Instead of going after jobs posted in popular job search sites, look for sites dedicated to your industry. Engineering, nurses and teachers have respective job search sites that you can consider.

Aside from dedicated search sites, there are also a social networking websites that you can use to search for a job. These social networking sites are also perfect to connect to people who can give you insider’s information on who are currently hiring but are not actively seeking candidates for the position.

Retooling Everything

A mistake should never be repeated simply because they do not work. If you have been rejected a few times for an interview, review your resume and make some changes necessary. If you are able to gain interest for an interview but could not be offered with a job, then the trouble could be in your interview. Try to remember how you answered those questions so that you can formulate a better answer in the future.

But a highly recommended technique is to make some changes in your resume every time you seek employment with a different company. Customizing your resume and your cover letter ensures that you are emphasizing the skills and knowledge needed by the company.

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