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Craigslist is one of the most popular websites for those who wanted to post virtually anything. Its main goal is to let users freely post any business transactions online. Users and even visitors could freely post anything they want to sell, buy or offer for those interested.

The website became very popular because it has offered something unique – instead of changing the interface, the website is still user friendly because it uses basic HTML without any pictures (aside from user uploads) and graphics that could slow down the website. The website even has a simple forum where everyone could say something about the topic.

But Craigslist was recently in a bad spot because of the “Craigslist Killer.” This person looks for someone online who would offer specialized services but would eventually murder her (the victim is usually a lady). Investigation has been conducted but the culprit is yet to be located. The website was under heavy criticism because it failed to screen the posts and the users.

This also shows another challenge for those who are seeking jobs online. The recent events just shows that there are scammers out there and the consequences of not being careful could be fatal.

Safety First

Because of recession, the chances of going online to search for a good job increase. This presents an opportunity for scammers as many people are now desperate for a job. Fresh graduates are very susceptible to this situation since they are not familiar with the current trends. Even though they are aware of the caution, real life job search is very different. You cannot verify the validity of your client online since you cannot see them. Sometimes, you will be working hard for a few days only to find out that you will never be paid for the job. You have to be extra careful so that you will never be scammed.

Start Locally

The best way to search jobs online is to search for jobs offered by small business in your area. These businesses should be easily located in your city or nearby town. Your job will still be online but you will have to appear to the boss or the owner to ensure that you are more than qualified for the task at hand. This is also for your protection since they are a legitimate business so if there is any problem, you can easily contact your local authorities if they scam you.

Meeting Someone

There are times that you will have to meet the individual online or personally. When this happens, it pays to keep a record of the transaction or to tell someone about it. If you are meeting someone personally, let your close friend know that you are going somewhere to meet this person. If possible, bring your friend with you so that you will have company or at least be shadowed by your close friend.

It is always important to remember security above everything else. Although the world is not necessarily a dangerous place, caution is highly recommended for a smooth as well as safe business transaction.

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