There are many ways in gaining employment. As a fresh graduate, you can easily consider the traditional manner of searching for your preferred job. You can take a look at the local newspapers or you can look around for that “wanted” sign so that you can directly talk with an employer.

But because of recession, the chances of getting hired through these practices are often difficult for fresh graduate. These traditional sources of job openings are often considered the most by those who are already experienced and have better education. That means you are dealing with heavy competition just to land a good job.  On the other hand, there are also unconventional ways in searching for a good job.

Using Twitter to Gain Employment

One of those unique job search techniques is in using the website called Twitter. This website is regarded as one of the revolutionary websites today because they offer the chance for people to post their thoughts in 140 characters or less. This type of service is called “microblogging”. Twitter account could be tied up to any device which means anyone can post their thoughts in their account either directly to their account or from another gadget such as a mobile phone.

Because of the popularity and ease of using Twitter, people have come to realize the potential of this website to search for a good job. Instead of being tied up to different websites for job search, you can follow a twitter account wherein jobs are posted continuously.

The advantage of this arrangement in job search is that you can see the updates in real time. You’ll know the latest jobs and grab the opportunity ahead of others. There are also Twitter accounts of well know personalities that you can follow. Through their accounts, you’ll know the latest business trend and see your chances on the industry you want to work for.

Twitter will also give you the chance in proving something. You can create an account for free and start “microblogging” so that people will know your thoughts on some subjects. Since you are only limited to 140 characters, sharing your thoughts is a lot easier compared to regular blogging. Aside from following others with their updates, you can also let others follow your thoughts on certain subjects.

The best part about twitter is that it just doesn’t let you monitor people; you also gain contacts through your followers. Although Twitter is not a social networking website, this is the best place to meet people and network. The people you meet there are not necessarily within your group of friends but your similar thoughts on a certain subject could help you connect to more people. Eventually, you can find someone who can help you land a good job.

Twitter is already a big service for those who are familiar with microblogging. Start out small by creating an account and follow a few people. Slowly, you can monitor more people and even gain followers which will increase your networking for possible employment.

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