Social Recruiting

Social networking websites are very popular nowadays no matter what your age group would be. It is a very efficient online tool wherein you get the chance to get in touch with friends, families and even other strangers but have the same hobby.

Through social websites, you will even learn a skill or two as you discover interesting things online with the help of recommendations from other individuals. Almost everyone familiar with the internet now have an account in at least two social networking websites. Those who are still learning on how to be online are also looking for ways to be part of a social networking website.

Even companies are also getting part of the social networking revolution. Through social websites, they can create person to person campaign so that they could increase awareness of their product or services. “Viral marketing” through videos, blogs and simple games could now be used to get in touch with as many people as possible.

Through social websites, employers are improving their chances of getting noticed without spending too much on TV commercials. Since everyone is now online, companies use the internet to connect to as many people as possible.

But companies are not only using the internet and social networking websites to advertise their products. They also use social networking websites to recruit employees according to their preferences.

Instead of using job search websites, they now go directly to social networking websites so that they will be able to reach to more people and even be recommended with more qualified individuals. Although this might sound a lot of work for recruiting companies when they use social recruiting, the efforts of getting the best possible candidate are really worth it.

Another advantage of companies using social networking websites to search for possible candidates is that prospects tend to be more personal with social networking websites. Instead of pretending to be someone during job interviews and job search websites, they freely express themselves in social networking websites.

Recruiters might be able to look at photos, blogs and links recommended by the candidate and see if he or she has the personality the company is looking for.  Which leads us to a fair warning: be careful on anything that you post online. Anything that could cost you your job should be prevented or removed as soon as possible. As long as it is online, it can be found and could cost you your job.

Review your social networking accounts and see if there is something that could cause your job. On the other hand, improve your chances of being employed by using your social networking websites as a platform to show who you are, what you can do and what you know about the industry you want to work for.

Social recruiting is slowly becoming a popular practice for many companies worldwide. It is a revolutionary technique that sets to change the way headhunters seek job seekers. You have to make sure that you adapt to this situation to improve your chances of being hired.

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