Target Job Search

You will always find the job that you want as long as you do your research well enough. Online, in your local job boards and through references, you will be updated with the latest job vacancies in your area. But knowing the latest job vacancies is entirely different from getting hired for it.

As soon as you know that there is vacancy, hundreds might have already heard about it and might have submitted their resume. It might even be possible that someone is already hired for the job.

This is currently the phenomenon because of recession. Because of this economic situation, the unemployment rate rose to record level. Millions are out of work right now and some of them were only informed a few days before they were finally terminated. Because they do not have a source of income, the need to search for a job and the percentage of those who look is increasing. If you are very enthusiastic in finding a job, others might have the same level or even more enthusiasm because of the need to land a job.

Getting Noticed

You should expect that there will a lot of applicants to a single job opening. Aside from competing with other fresh graduates, you will be competing with terminated employees that were terminated because of recession. This makes the competition for a single vacancy fiercer since they have experience and even better education and as a fresh graduate, only have a degree and relative internship.

But that does not mean your chances of getting hired is less. You just have to be noticed by the right person. As a fresh graduate searching for a job, you are already familiar with the basics of resume and cover letter to be noticed. But that should not be the sole goal of your resume and cover letter. What you need to do is to be noticed not just by the recruiting department but even the big bosses.

Owner, Managers and Supervisors

Here is a small trick that you can use to gain notice by the big bosses: instead of simply sending an email or snail mail to recruiters, send another mail to the upper department. That means you have to create another letter for the boss to read and not just a generic letter. This could be considered as a spam if you do not personalize the letter which could work to your advantage.

When you send a letter, personalize it to the point that you have created a letter specifically for that person. Even though you do not get a response, someone will be aware of your presence. It is a simple trick that works well if you could take time and personalize the cover letter.

Remember that it is not always the best person on paper that will be hired. The company is not looking for the best person available but the best person that could work in their workplace. Show them that you are the perfect piece in their workplace puzzle so that they could increase their productivity and be able move the business forward.

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