How to Handle Frustration During Job Search

Frustration related to job search is very common nowadays. Recession has increased the unemployment rate that it has become one of the highest in the past three decades. You could see fresh graduates asking for any available position related to their education only to be denied since there are no available positions.

On the other hand, frustration during job search could be the result of denial by many companies. The candidate has been searching for a job for a while – appearing in interviews, submitting resumes and cover letters but no positive results has been achieved. This could easily get anyone frustrated whether or not they are fresh graduates.

Answering “Why”

If you are increasingly getting frustrated in your job search, it is time to stop for a while and answer the question “why”. You need to know why you cannot land a job even though you have been toiling day and night to land one.

Asking why you cannot find a good job will lead to drastic changes in your strategy during job search which will certainly work to your advantage. As long as you do not answer this question, your job search and applications will only yield the same result and increase frustration.

When Recession is the Answer

The common answer to the question why they cannot find a good job today is recession. Because of the economic conditions, companies are not opening their doors to new employees. Everyone has to compete for a few available vacancies and the rest will just have to wait until recession is over.

If you think the current economic condition is the cause of not finding a job, it is time to consider other sources of income. Start a small business offering services based on the skills you are really good at. A simple home based business would do as long as you can offer excellent services to your clients.

When Over Qualification is the Answer

There are rare situation wherein the cause of being denied with the position is over qualification. This happens when experienced and better educated individuals aim for the lowest position thinking that they will be hired easily. But this often backfires since hiring someone over qualified could cause inconvenience to the upper management who may not have the same education and experience.

Carefully examine your resume and compare them to the sought after candidate. Unfortunately, not every position in the industry you used to work with is applicable to you. You just have to wait for the next opportunity.

When Lacking in Competency is the Answer

This reason is especially true for fresh graduates. Companies are now looking for employees who can display more than one skill for additional job responsibility.

When this is the reason for not being hired, seek additional training during recession. There are local training centers as well as online schools that offer skills training with little to no fee at all. Use this time to improve or add more skills to your resume so that you will be highly competitive when recession is over.

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